The Downhill Only Club

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Day: December 16, 2019

The Season Warm Up

The season warm up began on Sunday the 15th of December, a crackin’ crew gathered for the 10am Maennlichen cable car.

After a brief slide down to the 4 man Maennlichen chair we cruised over to Laeger. What else was on the agenda? A brand new Gondola.

Oh what a delight, there has been one consistent complaint; it is too fast. It goes through the station so quickly if you stop to take a picture the doors will close and you’ll be left behind! And if you’re hoping for a nap or a quick bite to eat; you’d better get on with it.

The amazing new gondola is shown beautifully here. Emma loved putting this video together, enjoy:

The pistes are in excellent condition, there is not too much width. Which is making it difficult to find training piste for the DHO Racing and Training trainees, however what can be done is being done.

A thought for the unwell and the injured pops into my mind; get well soon everyone, I hope our shared love of skiing, the mountains and racing builds us a positive future.

The Season Warm Up