The Downhill Only Club

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Day: December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas and A Boxing Day Heinz Cup

Merry Christmas everyone,may you all have a lovely few days whether you’re here in Wengen or not.  Then on Boxing Day it is the annual Heinz Cup challenge. A team treasure hunt event. Answer questions, find places, do stuff, earn points, win prizes. We’ll come back to that. First a little about the conditions: They’re alright. There is piste to ski on, there are shops open and there is more snow coming. Were not at the epic conditions of this time last year. Although if they were that would make last year less EPIC & more normal! 

For good weather, remember our very own Bob sorts out the detail for these guys:

Snow Forecast

View detailed snow forecast for Wengen at:

Check it every day for little local insight.

The Heinz Cup Boxing day Challenge.

Complete the 4 tasks in 4 locations write 4 paragraphs and become eligible for 1 of 4 prizes

First gather the team get your ski gear and head up the

Maennlichen Cable Car (10pts)

Your four locations are identified by 3 Words. You key (enter) the three words in form word1.word2.word3 into the search section of the what3words application available for smart phones. Then go to the location and complete the simple task, then move on to the next, below you will find some clues, solve these and work out the words. If the location you find is not in the Wengen, Kleinescheidegg, Maennlichen ski area then one of your words is wrong! Not easy peasy, but definitely possible.

Now Instagram is also going to be involved. We are @downhillonlyski if you haven’t already please find us and follow us. On the day I’d love it if we could get a few posts out there with #heinzcup, #skiing, #wengen and if someone thinks of something cool we could all go with it! Yes; someone in your team will need an Instagram account, I hope that’s OK?

So to take part, pop into the DHO Club Room or even swing past the Eiger Steps and collect your Challenge sheet between 0830 and 1000 on Boxing Day (26th of December 2019). Although at 10am I will be posting the Challenges on Instagram and Facebook, FYI there are bonus points for completing the first task before 10am! Then keep an eye out for clues our @downhillonlyski story during the day.

Finally to be considered for prizes pop into the DHO Club room that evening around 17:30 pay a CHF5 per Team entry, we’ll do a points tally and announce the winner.

And in the mean time pray, hope, wish very hard for the freezing level to get a bit lower!’

Merry Christmas