The Downhill Only Club

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Day: December 31, 2019

Fabulous Weather, Fabulous Piste, Fabulous back flip; a bit busy perhaps!

Fabulous weather following a nice top up of snow. Meant fabulous conditions (on lots of slopes and many places). Young Ed got his special lesson and nailed his first (then 2nd, 3rd, 4th ……) back flip. All in all it’s been a fabulous end to the year. hopefully all our 2020’s are a little bit fabulous too.

A huge thank you to Andreas and the Wengen Ski & Snowborad School.


Last Friday it snowed a lot. Aileen and I enjoyed some lovely snow. It is all a little shallow, so the snow covered meadows make for nice skiing. Got to watch for those hidden snow snakes, shark teeth and Ent tails. Here’s a wee Video of Aileen. We did have fun. The snow was a little heavy, it actually freeze dried a little over night and was lighter on Saturday. Which in turn meant the piste after another day of skiing and then preparing was most fabulous by Sunday.


On Thursday we had the 2019 Heinz Cup. This is a meant to be a family and everyone else friendly Skiing focused treasure hunt. We missed some of the stalwarts of the competition, however the literary gaps were well filled by the up and coming youth. The under 30’s participation was very helpful and much useful feedback was accepted and will be utilised in the 2020 competition. I also used the competition to shamelessly introduce the what3words app. This is a great use of our modern technology to make our lives a little better in a dire circumstance! It was a Elisabeth’s team that won, but the Coggins entry was quite brilliant and included a wonderful story.

Saturday and along came the sun. And quite possibly everybody in the Bernese Oberland, several thousand Brits a few thousand Dutch and many more people from all over the world! It was busy. Please, when it is busy, enjoy your skiing but be careful.

A note to the travellers and another app. The SBB app is great for train travel. Through it you can purchase advance super saver tickets, cheap point to point tickets and very cheap specific train tickets. Make sure you include it in your holiday research & booking.

Yesterday 5 of us had a magnificent (as usual) trip to Murren. The snow was great, the mountain quieter than the Wengen side. Although, not quiet. If you hadn’t got up there before 10am then it became extremely time consuming to attempt it. However once up the snow was lovely to ski on and the piste all felt very spacious.

We’re hoping to have a race this Thursday, but the Piste is pretty narrow. You’ll find out next week if we succeeded. If you’re in the Village, check into the club room Wednesday evening for sign up and further information.

for any one reading this today, Happy Hogmany, hopefully you have a fun night and you’re 2020 is awesome. If it isn’t today anymore, then Happy New Year!