The Downhill Only Club

The Director’s Office, Imperial Hotel,
London WC1H 0DG

Day: January 13, 2020

Now for Winners, Skiers, Reminders and 95th Anniversary Gala Diners

Winners & Skiers

Winners of the Timer Tester Race were of course skiers. Again we were reminded that a smooth line, a fast ski & determination can win a race. James on his Molitor Perform ski’s found the winners line, gaining not only a prize but some much coveted glory and honour too!

Team Name DHO
Race Timer Tester
Session # 21
Date 01/09/2020
Time 10:22
Event SL
Hill Maennlichen
Snow conditions Hard
Weather Mighty Fine
Position Name Time Run#
1 James Wilson 52.164 2
2 Hayley Davies 57.752 1
3 Anthony Schwarz 58.984 2
4 Ian Lees 61.025 1
5 Andrew Mcfadzean 62.14 1
6 Ruth Marshall 64.093 1
7 Gill Walker 64.126 1
8 Jonathan Walker 68.144 1


Well done James. You can see here, he is very pleased, he is number 1 and he is learning how to use his prize!

Reminders for all our winners / members:

Every business in Wengen aims to offer excellent customer service and each business has their own specialities. And we in the DHO love to patronise all of them. So when you do, don’t forget your Season 19/20 Membership card (available for Collection in the DHO Club Room) and you will receive a variety of benefits. It is true that each of the stores and shops have their own Customer Loyalty schemes and I encourage you to register with them. e.g. Central Sports give all their registered customers at least 10% discount on all purchases, shop and rental.

Along the road at Molitor (molitor) if you have your DHO Membership card or the special voucher available in the club room you’ll receive a 15% discount on their 5* ski range with the option to upgrade to a 6* at no extra cost. The 6* range includes Molitor’s own ski’s, such as  the ‘PERFORM’ and the ‘COMAND’. These high quality Ski’s are more than just a joy to drive.

I’m sure you know Central Sports is pretty central, produce your Membership card here and receive 10% on all rental prices – this should mean you can match an on-line price upon arrival in resort! (centralsport)

Many of our members favourite is Alpia. Just across the street from the Club Room, they too have a Customer Reward Scheme. Show your membership card here and receive 10% of the price of rental. Don’t forget to check out their casual wear section.

Ski Set – up to 20% off rental and special prices in the shop too, show your card when you purchase things. (skiset)

Wengen Ski & Snowboard School – booking a private lesson, show your DHO Membership Card and receive 10% discount on the entire booking. SkiWengen.

Also remember



https://alexgertsch.ch/ + Alex and clients

Then there of course are hotels and bars. At The Falken Hotel you can enjoy the Friday Buffet for an extremely preferential rate and in the Sina’s Pub & Restaurant 10% off the bill (not including Happy Hour of course). That discount is also offered at Anonym bar found in the Silberhorn Hotel.

I hope you feel either reminded or informed.

Dates for the diary:

It is our 95th Anniversary, we’re having a gala dinner: Have you got your tickets? It’s on Thursday the 6th of February – here’s where / how to get your tickets.

Go to this page: https://www.downhillonly.com/

Find the section on the home page that mentions the anniversary dinner and select / press / click the ‘Find out More’ button to the left of the words ’95th Anniversary Dinner Dance ………..’ That will take you to a new page. Scroll down until you find ‘to book your places’, click on the link in green. Or just click on this link here: get your tickets

Follow the instructions one step at a time and hopefully, hey presto, you’re registered. You can try calling me or getting in touch with Sarah Hoyle directly if you need any further information.

A little sooner on the 17th to the 19th of January. It is Lauberhorn race weekend. Will the winners include Dave Ryding, will Daniel Yule keep winning Slalom? Will Kristofferson extend his overall lead? Can Beat Fuez beat Dominik Paris here in Wengen. I hope so, I love a Swiss Winner. The standard questions I know, but it does get exciting.

A funky sponsor for our potential winners (The Inferno Team, The AICC Team):

Soon to be long term, regular Wengen visitors and DHO Members Robin & Cari, have decided to support our Inferno Team with a big box of VOOM bars. So of course I’m writing about it!

Voom: a Refreshing New Take on Sports Nutrition

One set of advice for the racers is 1 or 2 chunks of the Pocket Rocket Caffine Kick 20minutes before racing, then a piece of the Electro Energy a moment or two before you set off. Finally recover with …. Recover Fudge at the end. I’m assuming this will make you faster, better and you’ll recover quicker. Any of the Inferno Team who do make use of this option – do let me know how it worked. I’ll of course repeat nearly all of this next week!

And Finally: