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Can’t wait to return, for it to return, for those that can to return!

My return.

It is now the 17th of April. Had my return to Britain gone to plan we would have been getting the ferry from Zeebrugge today, having left Wengen on the 16th. On route we would have done things like using public toilets, handing over cash from our own pockets, accepting change from a stranger. We might have let Lachlan use a swing at motor way services and would definitely hugged our friends and family when we got home.

Instead of finishing on Monday just past the skiing finished on the 15th of March! We completed our return on the 21st of March. It really did feel like running, no hugs, no tears just bewilderment.

Funnily enough I’m already excited about our return to Wengen in December 2020. We’ll be able to go the Falken Hotel 125th Anniversary Winter Ball. We’ll enjoy the Lauberhorn Downhill Again. We’ll support the Inferno Team (I have my the last year of my guaranteed place from my Bronze Medal). There will be Christmas and New Year and oh so much. It already feels exciting. I even had some chat this winter about Skiing B’s & B’s in February. So many things to look forward to.

Before then in Scotland we have my Mum’s 70th Birthday Gathering in October, we will return to near Ullapool; hopefully.

A sadness amidst the hope.

Over the last weeks many families, groups, colleagues have lost loved and appreciated people. Sadly the current situation means people with Heart and Lung issues are not going to hospital as soon as they might have, but risking leaving it too late and upon arrival at hospital it is sometimes to difficult to save their lives. Many are passing away under the same umbrella. Within our Club I know we have recently lost Brian Pette.

I loved Brian’s visits to Wengen. A retired Pilot (Shipping, they were pilots long before aircraft existed), he never failed to protect his glass from a ‘chink’ to save another seaman. Politeness, seemed to be his middle name. We missed him 2018 but were delighted he made it out in 2020. I think some gentlemen had missed their Pork Pies in 2018 as much as they had missed Mr Pette! I send my love to Brian’s family and close friends; perhaps more of us can celebrate his life more closely together, in the future, when things return to normal again.

There is hope.


That’s the link to Captain Tom’s walk for the NHS. There are of course many worthy charities and fundraisers going on (perhaps one by Lachlan will pop up following a return to greater normality). But what an event; talk about going viral, catching the public’s eye……..

Unexpected, concentrated time together.

This is what we’ve been dealing with / enjoying / managing. The return to normal will be almost as equally strange. Hayley has been at work (NHS, coronary care unit, A&E and cath lab). But we’ve also had two blocks of between time following Lachlan having a temperature (back out of that now, he has a wee ear infection, antibiotics are now helping him return to healthy). He has had to suffer a swab test twice now. Not pleasant, he’s been a brave boy.

A lower energy Lachlan hasn’t been all that bad and his sensitivity to noise keeps the house a little quieter all round! We’re of course blessed with a bit of garden and more than one room inside. The internet has brought us an online family pub quiz each week; excellent fun and many a video chat with friends from all over. I’m on to book four of the Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series and as family we’ve intorduced some mighty old films to Lachlan, such as Groundhog Day.

The Future.

In October you can expect to receive your DHO Journal. Did you have a memorable / shareable experience during the ski season? Would you like to attempt to write a wee article? Well although there is obviously no gaurantee of publication, that decision lies soley witht the Editor.

The Editor which will change this year. I’m not sure if we’ve made any official announcements yet so I’ll mention no names yet. But a huge thank you to the out going and the incoming. Here’s the page about the journal on our website:

DHO Journal

And Finally

So we need some pictures to finish off. I’m sure you’ll be astonished to hear that I’ve not seen many people other than Hayley & Lachlan, I’ve not done much other than housy stuff, family stuff, chillin’ stuff. So there is not much stuff to share. So to follow are some pictures of projects with Lachlan.

We’ve learnt about triangles and built a straw tower.

Using Lachlan’s Swiss Army Knife we’ve sharpened a pole and made a spear / javelin.

P.E. with Joe Wicks, Friday Zombie costume.

Lachlan has taught himself to snarl.

Our rainbows. Stay Safe everyone.