Racing activities

There are a number of different parts of the club which members can participate in and there are a number of activities which children can start and then progress through the club. Additionally, the club also warmly welcomes new adult members who may also want to try racing competitively. Lastly, the club also holds weekly races which any club member can enter


The DHO runs training camps for children to progress their ski racing techniques throughout the year and across Europe at a variety of resorts.

The club goes to great lengths to provide a competitive environment for all the competing children, but there is also an emphasis on enjoying the experience

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British Schoolboys International Races

The DHO established the British Schoolboys Races in 1999. Schools enter teams to participate on FIS homologated courses although individual boys can also enter if they meet the criteria which the club sets. This is a very prestigious event which is highly prized in skiing circles and is held across Europe every year

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AICC Races

The Amateur Inter-Club Team Championships (AICC) is an annual event between the well-established ski clubs in the alps. The races were started to encourage amateur racers who may have raced as young people to continue racing in a social setting. As one of the leading ski clubs, the DHO participates in the AICC races and sometimes hosts them.

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Inferno Week Super G

During the week before the Inferno race the DHO host a Super Giant Slalom on the upper part of the famous Lauberhorn World Cup Course.
A great speed event for all those taking part in the Inferno Downhill at the end of the week. It is raced for the Eastwood Trophy.


Weekly Club Races, including the McMillan Cup

The DHO, as a racing club, holds a ski race every week of the ski season in Wengen. The race is different every week, but the most famous race is the McMillan cup, a mass-start downhill race using the Ladies’ downhill run at Tschuggen.


The Inferno

The DHO was founded partly to compete in the very earliest Inferno races in Mürren. Since then, the DHO has fielded a team to race this famous and longest of downhill ski races in the annual ski calendar with some impressive results over the years. Many top athletes and celebrities attend the Inferno and the DHO is very proud to be a key participant

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