Improve your performance with an exciting programme

By enrolling in one of our extensive programmes for Children from the age of seven you will be able to gain the following:

  • Develop a winning race mentality
  • Understand how to build a solid technique and race faster
  • Develop a full physical programme to enhance performance
  • Work with top ski coaches to improve faster
  • How to work in teams and gain insights into winning right up to FIS level
  • Create a mental and positive focus

In addition to being one of the oldest and best respected Ski clubs in Europe, we have been race training children for more than 50 years and our children in DHO racing have gone on to win in excess of 110 gold medals at the British Children’s Championships


But its not just about competing, it is also about experiencing  the environment of a top resort like Wengen and other European Alpine resorts and making sure that children enjoy themselves and have a fantastic experience, which is what DHO racing provides for all children who are really keen about ski race training.


One of the key benefits which DHO racing provides is highly personalised tuition in small groups with highly qualified coaches. This means that children get the very best attention and progress much more quickly through the various stages right up to elite level. Moreover, we actively encourage parents to be engaged in the process and are very welcome to attend the training camps we run. Whilst we provide excellent accommodation for trainees, the youngest trainees are able to stay with their parents if they wish to.



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    Here’s what one of our many successes, Max had to say about his experiences with DHO Racing, “I joined DHO trainees when I was 10 because I wanted to start ski racing. I have just moved from children’s skiing into FIS adult racing which is really exciting. Race training has definitely added another dimension to my enjoyment of skiing”


    We offer one of the most advanced programmes in Europe to really provide children to advance quickly in a safe and positive environment. For those skiers who want to progress to advanced FIS level, we have the coaches, capability and infrastructure to enable children to succeed at the highest level.

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