Our Statement of Care

DHOracing accepts that all children and young people have the following basic rights:

• To be valued as a person

• To be treated with dignity and respect

• To be cared for as a young person

• To be kept safe

DHOracing will provide training in which each young person feels safe and cared for, is valued, and is treated with dignity and respect.

DHOracing will provide a duty of care to help protect each young person from abuse.

Your Club Welfare officer is:

Name: Sarah Hoyle

Telephone: 07860593472 E-mail: child.welfare@downhillonly.com

The Downhill Only Club, DHOracing is an affiliated member of Snowsport England and follows Snowsport England’s Child Protection Policy Snowsafe

For best practice and guidance documents please visit the Snowsport England website where further information for parents, athletes and coaches can be found.

Snowsport England’s Safeguarding Lead is:

Bridget Owen – Telephone 01509 232323

Email: dbs@snowsportengland.org.uk