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“Use Proactively to talk to your Club.
We will listen to what you say,
celebrate the good,
fix the bad and learn from it. “

Sarah Hoyle, DHO President.

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Let us know what you are thinking.
Use the mobile reporting app to say good things, make a complaint,or report a hazard you have seen.

The front page has useful telephone numbers.

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Ski Leaders

Collecting information from people skiing with their group including:

  • Contact information, in the unlikely event that someone gets separated
  • Disclaimers
  • Health and safety including hazards and accidents
  • Daily reports, so DHO can better understand when and how people want to ski.

Racing and Events

The DHO can quickly and easily change the forms for different events, for example the disclaimers for Inferno.  

This means that forms may disappear or appear depending on what is happening.

Proactively QR Code

1. Get the Proactively mobile app

Point the camera in your smartphone at the QR code and click on the link to get the Proactively app. If your phone does not read QR codes, go to Google Play or the App Store and search on Proactively.

You will know it is the right app when you see the squirrel icon (helping DHO gather information)

2. Send your info directly to the DHO

On the app login page, point the camera again at the QR code and press the QR code button.

This will link you to DHO.

Useful Numbers

3. Useful contact numbers always to hand

Don’t worry about whether you have the most up to date contact numbers.  The first screen gives you important information:

  • Emergency numbers for SOS on the mountain
  • Contact numbers for DHO manager and leader

Click on the numbers to quickly make the call from your phone.

4. Tell us about it

The feedback form lets you tell the DHO Manager things like:
  • Something wonderful  “great day skiing with Maureen :) with morale boosting chocolate to keep me going right till the end of the day!”
  • Hazard spotted “The Wixi lift is closing due to high winds”
  • Suggestion “How about organising some avalanche transceiver training?”
  • Complaint “I don’t believe my race time”  The DHO purchased new race timing equipment for 2018/9 season following comments from members.
  • What do you think of this app “it is so quick and easy to use”
The forms may change, depending on which events are running. There are special forms only available to leaders.
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Secret Squirrel

What happens to the information I send?

Information is automatically directed to the relevant person, who should act on it promptly.

If you would like a reply, please make sure you add contact details. Otherwise, if you are using a QR code system, you are anonymous.

Your information is secure. Only a small number of people within the DHO have permission in the Proactively system to view it. The information is encrypted in transfer and stored and backed up on European servers.

Depending on the type of information, we may like to share it on the DHO web site or in the club room. We will ask your permission if anyone can be identified.

The club will analyse the information collected, giving us better data to make decisions for the future. We listen to members, aiming always to improve our service.


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