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This is the archive for all of the Wengen Managers Blog 2019 – 2020.

The Wengen Manager is based in Wengen from the middle of December until the Middle of April. This matches the opening and closing of the slopes in the area for the winter season.

Can’t wait to return, for it to return, for those that can to return!

My return. It is now the 17th of April. Had my return to Britain gone to plan we would have been getting the ferry from Zeebrugge today, having left Wengen on the 16th. On route we would have done things like using public toilets, handing over cash from our own pockets, accepting change from a […]

Cooking, free for no. 1? It is quite a time!

Cooking: Have you found time for cooking? A lot less skiing going on; still a few people touring here and there, but in general we’re looking forward to next season. So something I like doing is cooking. Taking a little time over crafting a dish or a new sauce. Following a recipe or enjoying some […]

Words, skiing, no.1, future dot dot dot!

Words, make stories, entertain, distract etc. Words, some of you will already have guessed that I have made ‘words’ the focused key word of this blog and hence have used it so many times already. Others are now thinking why have used so many words to say so little! I’ve read and watched quite a […]

Interesting times, interesting people, interesting weather; it’s all interesting!

Interesting times The weather has been glorious. Interesting! Since the lifts closed and the trains stopped running past Wengen, the weather has been magnificent. People have been taking interesting routes  up the mountain to descend by snow, foot or wing. They were all many meters apart of course. Hano, even managed a Heli trip on […]

The Railway Cup, Spring Snow, springs 1st freshly fallen snow!

The Railway Cup Its all ups and downs. The joy of skiing, the distress of poor visibility. The hope of a Railway Cup on the First Skier Cross course, the snow conditions denying us. What is the Railway Cup! This is a fun race put on for the DHO by the Jungfraubahn each year. We’ve […]

No 1. Its all about you! What is important. What do you want to know.

All about You! Not really I suppose. But it is about some of you, and of course the more people involved the more of you it will be about! Next week it’s the AICC for instance. If you are going then I hope your line choice is amazing, your ski’s slide wonderfully and you make […]

Now this is the Coggins week & the Polytechnic; a race since 1926 & a few other cups too!

Coggins, Polytechnic & Gillian Davies complete list of times to follow. At February half term we run Coggins and they race in the Polytechnic. This is now a race of several parts, perhaps multiplying again in the future. The well trained Coggins race this GS type course on the Lauberhorn downhill piste. We run from […]

Early snow drops, Storm? 1000’s hoping for snow, 100’s not here!

Storms here there and everywhere! Post storm snowdrops have been spotted poking their heads out. It has got pretty busy here and yet despite what you will have read, there is sufficient snow covered space for us all. Not enough obviously. There is some coming soon in the next storm; how much of course is […]

Now for Your McMillan Week, 1 hotel visit, 2 parties, 3 races, loadsa people and finishing with great weather

Your McMillan Week What a week it was, our 95th Anniversary Week a mass start Downhill race, a much missed intended parallel slalom and a great Giant Slalom. The poor weather of the first half of the week was instantly forgotten with the glorious weather of Thursday and Friday. Yet we still ski’d every day. […]

Inferno, 1 week on. It’s been emotional, exciting, exhilarating & exhausting. You must see these things too!

Inferno, the overview: The Inferno captain was emotional and exhausted in the final run up to the race. What a job she did! Thank you Tessa. We (the Inferno Team & its supporters) were getting excited. I took a nervous potential team member over on the Monday to Murren for a course inspection / introduction. […]