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Words, skiing, no.1, future dot dot dot!

Words, make stories, entertain, distract etc.

Words, some of you will already have guessed that I have made ‘words’ the focused key word of this blog and hence have used it so many times already. Others are now thinking why have used so many words to say so little!

I’ve read and watched quite a few entertaining things overt the last few days (week and a bit). Here are a few of those words, films and pictures. Prepare your self for a large selection of youtube links; I apologise in advance for any video holes you find your self led into!

A family friend of ours posted this sentiment the other day:

‘I’ve always complained that I never have enough time to tidy the house: now I know that was never the reason!’

In Scotland, some Police officers have found ways of lightening the mood:


Now of course I love skiing! For years now I’ve been enjoying the Freeride World Tour, watching the finals live in Verbier in 2009 and enjoying many lines skied over the last decade. Last year and this with the delelopement of drone technology the live footage has become amazing, here are some lines I’ve really enjoyed.

Last years winner in Verbier:

Actually the 2019 competition was pretty amazing and if you fancy watching the whole thing 3+ hours then do. However, the 20 minutes from 2:20 to 2:40 is, in my opinion, astounding!

And for another long watch, this 1hour film from Candide Thovex is pretty cool: (if a bit older now!)

Reading Words too

So I’m enoying the writings of Ben Aaronovitch, his Rivers of London series. It is a little trite to call it Harry Potter for adults, however that does paint a reasonable picture of this crime thriller series based in London with lots of magic! Not exactly the newest thing on the block, but there is a series of many books, so a good amount of reading. Hayley is just finishing the Philip Pullman series, then its on to Invisible Woman by Caroline Criado Perez.

And Listening to words:

Actually not had much more than music going on in our lives. A lovely little song / melodic mantra with the words ‘every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well’. Some old school like the Animals album by Pink Floyd and some vaugley recent things including the Tones & I and Billie Eilish.

Here’s a last video (short – 30s). 6 household stairs are apporximately 1m vertical height gain. In our house we’ve decided 527 flights of stairs is the equivelent of Ben Nevis; here’s 20 flights:

And so I hope this finds you well? I’ll chuck something else up at some point.

We got home last week. The weather was fine. We sat on the swing bench in the garden. My job for the afternoon was secured:

See you soon.