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Yet more great days on the mountain. Could you be King of the Hill

Kurverein Crystal

On the Lauberhorn mountain we enjoyed another race. Thanks to Rolf and the Wengen Tourismus for another fun pairs race. Ian took part on his birthday. Have a look at this (I think you’ll need Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/WengenLauberhorn/videos/1328606393908037/

The challenge as all ways was to be the fastest and everyone put in a lot of effort. But the very proud winners were Gemma & Archie, well done guys.You came up the mountain and were victorious!

Kurverein Crystal 8 Picture

Kurverein Crystal 7 Picture

There were other pleased people too

Group Skiing:

We All Want To Ski Together Picture
We All Want To Ski Together

A classic example of a super DHO ski run, we had 2 DHO Leaders and a SCGB leader. Yet we all wanted to ski together. The SCGB rep Suzie had lost her voice. So I was in front and Lindsay was a solid back marker, the whole group made it through to lunch before setting off in different directions. Most went home!

Monday to Friday we meet at 0845 and head up the mountain for a ski day. Mostly we rely on the leaders to chose the routes of the day based on the weather etc. However sometimes we have a detailed plan and last Wednesday was one of those days. The plan to use 35 or more ski lifts ski 70+ piste kilometers and 12000 vertical meters! The Jungfrau Region All In One Challenge; we did it. Follow this link https://www.skiline.cc/competition/jungfraubahn_promorace_2017/badges Scroll down for the list of ski lifts that have to be used in a single day. If you are in Wengen and can ski black runs confidently, then this is great day out whilst in resort. The best bit is always the first run on beautifully groomed empty piste. It really feels like a challenge when you are doing the last 4 or 5 lifts!

Here is most of the team at 0840, one lift and 8 km done (Tony went off for a coffee and then the bus came.)

Almost All The AllInOne Team Picture
Almost All The AllInOne Team

We had a lot of fun on the BMW xDrive Cup race course on the Mannlichen Piste. Check out your video’s and all the data of your ski week on Skiline. https://www.skiline.cc/competition/jungfraubahn_promorace_2017/participate

And Finally:

Could you be the King of the First Hill? https://www.jungfrau.ch/en-gb/jungfrau-ski-region/skiresort-grindelwald-first/king-of-the-first-hill/

Might we have the first ever DHO team this year. It could be me! I’ll let you know.

Have a safe week everyone.