The Downhill Only Club

The Director’s Office, Imperial Hotel,
London WC1H 0DG

Wengen Manager

Andrew Davies is the Wengen Manager, he’s responsible for the ski leading programme and the club races that go on in Wengen during the Winter Season, his main focus each day is that everyone has fun. This, he tells everyone, is really quite easy as we are nearly always going skiing, something that he loves.

In the summer Andrew lives in Edinburgh, he enjoys the festival, walking in the mountains and spending as much time as he can with Hayley and Lachlan, his wife and son.

During the Winter Season the Wengen Manager can also be contacted

Via Post :The Downhill Only Club, DHO Office, CH 3823 Wengen, Switzerland
Telephone:(from Wengen) 0338 55 13 75 (from outside Switzerland) +41 338 55 13 75

Office hours 18:00 – 19:00 Local time