It’s so easy to join the DHO

Join the DHO today and unlock a whole load of opportunities to make your stay in Wengen the perfect holiday!

You can even try us for a day for free!!. Roll-up in the morning outside the clubhouse, or contact Andrew Davies the Wengen Manager for more details

The DownHill Only Club (DHO) was established in Wengen in 1925 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious ski clubs in the world. Joining the DHO provides you with a whole host of benefits to make your time in Wengen even more enjoyable and to make your holiday for you and your family one to remember and want to return to Wengen year after year.

  •  The DHO gives you instant access to loads of useful information about Wengen and the surrounding area- photographs of maps/events etc.
  •  Our sociable clubroom next to the main station in Wengen is open every evening -needs a photograph
  •  Intimate knowledge of the whole mountain area allowing you to get more out of your ski holiday, more quickly
  •  Fantastic fully qualified ski-leading available for the more advanced skiers- one of the few Alpine resorts still offering this capability
  •  Amazing family friendly club with facilities and skiing activities for both juniors and teenagers “ My two girls went through DHO Coggins and not only massively improved their skiing but have made other friends for life”- Andrew Robinson DHO member
  •  Organised ski events to improve junior and teenage skiing with fully qualified teachers during school holidays. Our junior ski clubs (Coggins and Eagles) are renowned for quickly improving skiing abilities
  •  Organised social events throughout the ski season to meet like-minded skiers and to get the most out of your ski holiday
  •  Fully organised racing for adults and juniors including support of young professional ski racers
  •  Discounted insurance and other benefits with shops and local hotels
  •  Annual journal with news and updates on events and Wengen related stories

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Joining the DHO is easy and there are several ways to pay. Remember, the cost of a yearly subscription is less than a cost of daily newspaper. We prefer Direct Debit, but we also take credit cards in resort or cash.

Payable annually by direct debit

Individual membership = £90 per annum
Individual member under 36 = £45 per annum
Family with children = £180 per annum
Couple over 18 years = £158 per annum
Couple both over 18 but under 36 = £79 per annum
Junior under 24 = £22 per annum
Introductory = £22 per annum
Racing = £22 per annum

Membership Enquiries

In Wengen, contact Andrew Davies, Wengen Manager during the ski season. He can be found at the DHO club in the Eiger, open from 18.00 to 19.00 local time every evening except Saturdays.

The Downhill Only Club, DHO Office, CH 3823 Wengen, Switzerland Telephone: +41 338 55 13 75