Here in Wengen we don’t have this problem as the DHO provides avid Skiers the opportunity for a wide variety of ski leading across one of the best ski areas of the Jungfrau, which includes Wengen, Grindelwald and Mürren. Joining the ski leaders with the DHO will provide you with all the exhilaration you need and leave you wanting to return for more! Look at some of the benefits below that joining our groups will give you:

Highly qualified ski leaders available for all sizes of groups

  • Because of the wide variety of skiing you will improve your technique rapidly
  • Become an expert in the whole area rapidly
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of great groups and fun loving ski leaders
  • No need to worry about getting lost or not getting the most from your holiday on Day 1
  • Find the best places not just to ski, but also enjoy lunch on the mountain
  • Finish your day off with a visit to our special clubhouse in the center of Wengen
  • We take real care with mountain knowledge and your safety is always paramount


Skiing with the group is free for DHO members. Non DHO members are welcome to join the group for an introductory day to see if it is for them.

Or Join the DHO for just £90 a season!

Members are expected to pay for their own ski passes, lunches, equipment and any other incidental expenses. A disclaimer needs to be filled in and signed before skiing with the group.

The regular Ski Leading weekly schedule

  • Sunday, 9:45am – gentle introductory day
  • Monday, 08:45am – typically a ski around Wengen
  • Tuesday, 08:45am – usually a visit to Mürren or First
  • Wednesday, 08:45am – Skiing around Wengen, sometimes a trip to Mürren or First
  • Thursday, 08:45am – Typically Race day, for a fun, sociable weekly race
  • Friday, 08:45am – Wengen. Typically a faster “steep and deep” day of skiing to finish the week’s skiing on a high
  • Saturday – no ski leading

Our groups typically have a range of skiing abilities but the guide will ensure no one is left behind. The minimum standard is to be able to ski a red with reasonable confidence.

The group can go off-piste but people do not have to go off piste if they don’t wish to. The ski leader will devise alternative routes for anyone not wanting to go off-piste.


complete the form and join today that you can take part in all our events during the season


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Meet The Team

Mark Hughes

As the Wengen Manager, I spend the winter in resort, organising the...

Johnny McIntyre

I started skiing in my home country of Scotland when I was...

Maureen Fanshawe

I’ve been leading guests around the slopes of Wengen, Murren and Grindelwald...

Peter Lightfoot

Joined the DHO in 1968. Qualified as an English Ski Council Coach...

Marguerite Nice

I love Wengen and have skied in the area regularly for nearly...

Nick Crawley

I've been skiing from a young age and have taught across Europe...

Ruth Marshall

I spent most of my working life flying long haul for British...

Jane Dawson

I discovered the charms of Wengen on a holiday about fifteen years...

Andrew Davies

That's me, always has as his focus; everyone being safe and having...

The role of DHO Ski Leaders

All of our ski leaders are very familiar with all of the slopes around Wengen, they help out the DHO Wengen Manager in a variety of ways. The most important of these is acting as a ski leader, the next most important is as a race assistant, of course they also represent the club within Wengen and the surrounding area.

Ski Leading

With both the Wengen Manager and a Ski Leader, the DHO is able to offer it’s members a variety of led skiing options, during busy times or when there is a significant difference in what sort of skiing members want to do, we offer two skiing groups each day, thus one group may head off for an off piste day whilst the other has a more leisurely time on piste. Sometimes we find that we have enough members to need two groups in which case whilst covering the same general area we may split the members into those who wish to go fast and those who don’t, often meeting up at a restaurant for lunch.

Race Assistant

Every Thursday during the Ski Season and occasionally on other days the DHO organises a number of Ski Races, the Ski Leader typically assists the Wengen Manager with the setup and running of these races, but since such races are typically in the morning they may be available to ski with after the race.

Want to be a Ski Leader for the DHO ?

We are always looking for potential new ski leaders, if you think you might be up for the role please contact the DHO Wengen Manager for further information.