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A bit about what I love about spring in Wengen.

What I love in Spring Wengen:

It is most definitely spring here now. I love the spring in Wengen, despite not being that keen on sitting in the sun – it is not very hot in the shade! There is a weight bearing crust on much of the off-piste areas and the piste goes through that magical hour or so of perfection everyday. Of course with fat ski’s one can enjoy the Spring snow and the slush for much longer if you like.

A bit I also love about Wengen in the spring is birthdays. There are of course birthdays all year round, but in the spring they are often celebrated with outdoor BBQ’s or Piste picnics. Both things I enjoy. There also seems to be even more reason to enjoy a cold beer after some fun exercises. The sun has that bearable heat about it. The chairs feel a little more comfortable. The beer colder.

If you get that off-piste spring snow timed well. There is now easier snow to ski, the travel you can enjoy on almost level snow fields. It is all such fun. Then with a hike uphill (!) perhaps discover some soft cold snow in a deep north face. Don’t forget there is almost nobody else here. I know this is not ideal for the business’s. Hopefully by this time though a good enough turnover has been had to enjoy the lull in effort.

Don’t just have soup!

Last night Hayley and I enjoyed a night in the Aspen Hotel, a gift from the owners. A thank you for 7 seasons of building business and more and more regular clientele. I haven’t counted the posts of the Aspen Burger on social media this winter, but doubt there as many as have been enjoyed! The hotel is a delight, the staff wonderful and the peace. The peace was wonderful. Thank you guys, we loved it. And although not in Wengen – excellent.

Beers in Rocks

There is a few more days to enjoy a few more of those too. And like other places, it can be quieter in there: will it be last quiz of the season next Sunday (31/3)? Maybe I’ll go.

Beers in Rocks

Well I don’t love them. But there is a buzz about, ‘what are you off to do next?’, ‘How long have you got off?’, ‘Do you open again before May?’, all starters to great banter.

Great View

And as a total aside, here is the best of the worlds free-riders from last Saturday:


Hope you enjoyed that. It’s all good, The Skiers men category starts at 2 hrs 13 minutes into the broadcast.