Terms and Conditions are as follows . Entries must be sent by email to mb@winter-sports.co.uk priority will be given to school entries which should be made by the school. Unregistered racers must be clearly marked if they have never been registered for BASS points. A list of unregistered racers will then be circulated before the first team captains meeting for agreement by the meeting.

The entry is submitted by schools for the racers named and confirms that he agrees to abide by the British Competition Rules as well as submitting an Athlete’s Declaration when registering with BASS or given to the organisers if unregistered. He must also have sufficient and adequate insurance covering withdrawal from the race and event cancellation, proof of which must be sent with the entry. Costs incurred (entry fees, lift passes and accommodation) will not be reimbursed by the organisers. The race organisation cannot be held liable for inadequate insurance cover see our insurance sponsors link MPI brokers.com. The DHO has a Child Protection Policy in place which can be found on the website, by making an entry competitors thereby accept that photos or video footage can be taken during the event and can be used by the DHO and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Hotel Belvedere has been reserved for those staying for four or more nights. Bookings can only be made through the race organisers and not with the hotel direct. Teams will mainly be accommodated in the Belvedere but in order to keep team members together some may be placed in one of the other hotels in the group. Entries must be made by the 20 November 2019 and payment as per invoice received by 20 November 2019. Details of the special group rate can be found on the entry form. Parents of competitors can take advantage of the group rate if requests for accommodation are received before the beginning of January. Reservations for a shorter period may be available within the hotel group which can be booked with the hotel direct. To qualify for group rates schools must send a booking request to the race administration by email mb@winter-sports.co.uk when an invoice will be sent by return. The payment for entries must be sent as a BACS payment to the account on the invoice before 20 November 2019. Entries must be made on the entry form with each racer named and be received by 20 November 2019. Breakfast, packed lunch on request and dinner are included in the group rate. The hotel needs to be advised of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking. Skis and boots must not be worn inside the hotel but left in the basement. Bookings can only be made through the race organisation so do not contact the hotel direct.

All Pictures kindly supplied by Gemma Brunton Photography

Lift passes

Special group rate lift passes for all, only available through the race organisation as always, payment with entry.


Inspection has been arranged for Sunday 26 January 2020. A training course will be provided for competitors to train on in preparation for the race days. Individual or school team race training can be arranged through the race organisation.


Prizes will be awarded to the first three individuals in each discipline and in each of the following categories,

Junior under 21 (if applicable) and under 18, Children under 16 and under 14 and Minis under 12.

British school team prizes are awarded based on combined results. Teams are composed of 4 skiers, best 3 to count, max 2 teams per school. All entries for all events must be made on the form provided. Team substitutions can be made in the event of injury or illness. If you need ski tuning facilities in Wengen follow the link http://www.skiset.com/

An acceptance list will be published on the website during the early part of January 2020 or on www.gbski.com Any questions should be address to Richard or Maureen Berry via the contact details.

Mobile: +44 (0)7767 833591 or + 44 (0)7785 915984 Email: mb@winter-sports.co.uk

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