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Bumps Lift fighting for survival we need to use it !

Once again the bumps lift is struggling to survive. This is not the first time that the Bumps Lift has had financial problems, you can read the full story in Swiss German here.  Basically the lift needs about 90,000 uses a year to stay in the black. Currently it’s getting around fifty to sixty thousand which is not enough.

The English gave the Bumps area its name, it’s a great beginners practice area that can stay operating in all but the worst weathers, as such it’s vital to the ski school who use it a lot, but very few others do so,  please if you are passing by, don’t carry on straight down to Wengen, but take at least one trip up the drag lift and help keep this valuable lift going, better yet take 2 or 3 trips up and have your friends and family do the same, if not then within the next 5 years we are likely to loose the Bumps lift which would be a great loss for beginners and intermediates alike.

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It would, in the author’s opinion, be a great shame if the Bumps Lift were forced to close. As the oldest existing lift in the area, that has run without change since 1967 the Bumps Lift is somewhat of an institution. If you have the time or the weather is bad and the visibility dreadful, take advantage of the tree protected area and mixed terrain.

Because if you don’t in a few years time you may no longer be able to do so.