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Going to Wengen

Dear DHO Members,

I am sorry to write to you with more bad news so close to Christmas, but the prospects of a trip to Wengen this season are now looking bleak.

This morning brought the news that Switzerland (like many other European countries) has banned passenger flights from the UK, as a result of the variant strain of COVID which has been found in the UK. It has also re-imposed the 10-day quarantine for tourists arriving from the UK.

While these measures may only be temporary, the bad news does not end there.

Switzerland currently bans tourists from “high risk” COVID countries. Only EU states and a small number of others are not regarded as “high risk”. With effect from 01/01/21 (as a result of Brexit) Britain will join the list of “high risk” countries and tourists from the UK will not be permitted to enter Switzerland (see eda.admin.ch/London). If there is a Brexit agreement it is possible that this could change, and in any event Switzerland will review its COVID rules on 22/01/21. As far as I can see tourists already in Switzerland prior to 01/01/21 are not affected by this.

All of this may be academic if you live in a Tier 4 area of England, as you are already banned from foreign travel.

What is particularly frustrating about the situation is that the snow cover in Wengen is good, the pistes and the lifts are open, and Andrew Davies is leading members on a daily basis. Our newly-refurnished Club room is open for business. So if, somehow, you are able to get to Switzerland the DHO will be there for you.

In the meantime can I wish you all the very best Christmas that you are able to have in the current circumstances.

Nigel Ley

DHO President