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Inferno, 1 week on. It’s been emotional, exciting, exhilarating & exhausting. You must see these things too!

Inferno, the overview:

The Inferno captain was emotional and exhausted in the final run up to the race. What a job she did! Thank you Tessa. We (the Inferno Team & its supporters) were getting excited. I took a nervous potential team member over on the Monday to Murren for a course inspection / introduction. Sadly due to all sorts of normal life she couldn’t race. This resulted in me using a GoPro to film my run and chat through the course a little.

Here it is:

This was thanks to Emma at the Story Creatives, you can check our all sorts of films about our beloved Wengen and Skiing on her YouTube Channel,


The Saturday morning of Inferno always starts with a picture of me in my turtle green thermals. I’m sure everyone loves this! Jonathan and virgins Alex, Natalie and Rory, had an early start; they were finished before most of us got up! Last year Toby had been a fore-runner, he had enjoyed that first thing in the morning corduroy snow, with good visibility and no ruts! This year Toby joined us mortals in the afternoon. Now he agrees with me it is a different course after a 1000+ Inferno racers have skied. He was rather delighted that his experience won through and he still beat his brother’s fore-runner time.

It was quite a day. The week before quite emotional too. Mark missed out on training and the race, crashing on route to meet the DHO Inferno team. Get well soon Mark. Sadly on the day, Tim thought the start looked fast and clean, he took it a little too fast! So it’s get well soon to Tim too.

The Eastwood Trophy

Introduced last year, the brain child of Dermot; an exciting, exhilarating race that would appeal to the fastest and youngest of skiers. We were delighted to name the Trophy after our much loved Wengen couple Bob & Rachel Eastwood. Thanks for all you’ve done guys. Some of us have dreams of taking the race over the Hundschopf! Not yet. However our Super Giant Slalom (Super G or SG) from the Lauberhorn Start Hut down round the first corner over the Russi Sprung past the reservoir and down the end of the traverse schuss was fantastic! Wow what a treat. We love it.

A fantastic experience. This year we had 1st second and third place prizes sponsored by Ski Set https://www.skihirewengen.com/, thank you Colin (and family). I was exceedingly proud that Lachlan was able and pleased to fore-run on the course. Our second fore-runner was Colin, the Ski Set sponsor. I use the word again, Sadly we also wish Colin a speedy recovery. He crashed on the course, tomahawking off-piste towards who knows where! A dramatic helicopter rescue followed and then we got on with the race. Once the skiing began properly we whizzed through the numbers and the course. A very fast Peter was victorious, 2nd and 3rd were very close. Well done to all.

Bib# Name Time Position
19 Peter Lawrance 74.07 1
38 Toby Francis 76.08 2
13 Evan Bolle-Jones 76.71 3
4 David Bolle-Jones 77.95 4
23 James Lynch 78.38 5
9 John Quinn 79.04 6
2 Jonathan Crocket 81.12 7
39 Rory Francis 82.70 8
41 Susie Morton 82.99 9
40 Heather Morton 88.49 11
42 Ian Morton 89.54 12
32 Neil Clayton 90.12 13
43 Catherine Morton 90.12 14
7 James Wilson 90.41 15
28 Annie Bolle-Jones 90.74 16
17 Richard Lawrance 92.17 17
8 Marguerite Nice 95.10 18
34 Beatrice Ley 96.67 19
24 Bruce Lynch 96.85 20
20 Alex Salden 96.98 21
30 Robin James 97.39 22
16 Tessa Lawrance 97.47 23
18 Anthony Schwarz 97.68 24
6 Sarah Hirst-Malin 99.17 25
25 Michael Nissmark 101.11 26
31 Tim Brown 102.17 27
12 Alison Hinde 105.12 28
22 Kim Tanner 106.77 29
10 Philip James 106.80 30
1 Lachlan Davies FL 106.97 31
35 Robin Davenport 110.82 32
37 Kathrin Peifer 111.12 33
15 John Gavin 111.46 34
21 David Nye 118.46 35
33 Katrina Clayton 136.15 36
14 Steve Nye 142.59 37
44 Simon Morton DQ* 38


Sorry I missed last week’s blog.

This coming week is our Club’s 95th Anniversary week. Here’s the programme:

 From palindrome day 02022020 (At time of writing, that’s today)

Our 95th Anniversary Week!

Raffle tickets available all week, prize draw Friday 6:30pm


Day (Time) What Where Further info
Sun 6pm


Office/ Social Hour DHO Club Room

Eiger Residence

A members club, but your welcome to come and investigate

From 6pm

Drinks out together

Maya Caprice

Maya Caprice Come along, visit the bar and stay for dinner?

Booking required individually



Lucy Dicker

Parallel Slalom

Bumps T-Bar 10chf entry

Parallel Slalom

Knockout competition


From 6pm

Drinks out again,

Lucy Dicker

Prize Giving

Figeler SchneeBar

Bottom of the Figeler Slope

Knocked out in the first round, don’t forget your free drink


Tourist Cup

GS, Race

Maennlichen Race Piste

Red run 3

10chf entry

2 Runs, combined time


From 6pm

Drinks Party in the DHO DHO Club Room

Eiger Residence

Next to the bank

10chf on the door

All welcome, bring your friends, come in for the first time






Details available from Tuesday evening

Due to current Conditions, location tbc Tuesday evening.


McMillan Prize Giving DHO Club Room Come and get your prize

7pm till late

95th Anniversary Gala Dinner & Dance Hotel Regina A ticketed event. Black or Club tie, crown themed

We’ve skiing together for 95 years.



Raffle Prize Draw DHO Club Room Raffle tickets5chf each, buy 4 get one free. Available all week


Come and say hello in the Club Room one evening.

Come skiing one day, ski programme available here: https://www.downhillonly.com/ski-leading/

& of course get your membership card, sign up for races; get your raffle tickets etc.

I look forward to seeing any and all of you who are around, enjoy your weeks and stay safe!