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Now, Peace, Piste, and 1 or more other things

Peace & Piste

It is so peaceful just after New Year & Christmas. People can do other things! Everyone that was new to their job suddenly discovers they have got quite good at it. About 72 hours ago they thought they’d never cope. I hope everyone that was here enjoyed their festive season holiday and the seeing in of the New Year. I wonder how long we’ll continue this celebration? We’ve had the Gregorian Calendar now since 1582, is it time for a change? I mean the celebrations for the beginning of the year of the Rat start on the 25th of January and last for 15 days!

Almost everyone got out to test their ski legs, and it went well all round. Ski legs appeared to get people where they wanted to be: which for many seemed to be the Start Bar!

We had a race this week: A wee season opener. It was also the David Strage Cup for the Coggins. We were particularly touched to have the Strage family in town to present the award too. The Coggins results will be printed in the Journal next year, but here are the overall results:

Bib# Name YOB Gender Time 1
22 Maddy Fairfull Female 15.086
1 John Quinn Male 16.775
2 Ed Wilson Male 17.772
20 James Wilson Male 17.779
7 Lachlan Davies Male 19.875
8 Ivor Stannah Male 19.91
9 Clara Cully Female 21.175
10 Charlotte Cully Female 21.509
6 Phoebe Stirrup Female 23.205
4 Freya Stirrup Female 23.529
3 Emily Stirrup Female 24.126

Some Magnificent results, but very appropriately the win went to the current DHO Race Trainee, about to go to the British School Girls Championships, good luck Maddy.

Here’s the Coggins of the week and the Coggins of the past.

Coggins now

Coggins then too


We’ve got another wee club race this Thursday, then a bigger one the following week, both on the Maennlichen Race Piste. Register in the Club room the night before or turn up on the day, hand over your 5chf and give it a go.
Obviously its the Lauberhorn Downhill soon, Europa Cup downhill this week and then on Burns day it’s the Inferno! Long may all your lumbs reek! However, insurance is essential, if your racing you can buy insurance on the day for around 40chf at the Murren Sports Centre.
Lauberhorn last year, another win for Fuez?

Other Skiing

The peaceful piste allowed for some entertaining practice. We had a back flip last week. We have a 360 this week. I was practising my 180 too, but no video or photographic evidence, sorry.
There were the last vestiges of fresh powdery snow last Wednesday. Now it is ‘mostly’ grippy piste!https://youtu.be/FpD606T-WYQ

A bit of inspirational fun, we can’t all be almost international trampoline athletes!

You’ll see Mr Pink in his unmistakable tweed and telemark equipment, I wasn’t the only person to want a picture. He is back in the spring if you missed him this time.
If you read this in time, then don’t forget to join us in the Falken Hotel from 6pm this Tuesday (7th of December 2020) for drinks and a good chat. Marco has added to his wine knowledge over the summer and yet his deep understanding of the wonders of grappa has not left him.
What is actually like. A good number of pistes are open, its not too narrow, it is quite hard but like i said mostly grippy. The sun is set to be around for at least another week. You can ski to Wengen and you can ski to Grund on run 22. The new gondola is almost too fast and Allmend restaurant is excellent.