Wengen Manager

 Job Description




The DHO is a long-established British ski club based in Wengen, Switzerland.

The DHO has a large club room in the centre of Wengen which is open throughout the ski season.

The Club has approximately 1,200 members, of all nationalities, but predominantly British. DHO members are present in Wengen throughout the season ranging in number from 25 up to over 100 at any one time.

The Wengen Manager is the Club’s representative in Wengen during the ski season, and is expected to work six days per week (with Saturdays off).

The Manager’s principal duties are as follows:

  • Leading groups of DHO skiers in the Jungfrau region (Wengen, Grindelwald and Mürren) five days a week during the ski season
  • Organising a race for DHO skiers once a week during the season
  • Overseeing the DHO Club Room six evenings a week, to deal with queries from members, and non-members and announcing the skiing and social programme for the forthcoming days
  • Managing assistant leaders
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Promoting the DHO both to potential new members and to the village of Wengen
  • Attending and joining in Village functions as DHO ambassador

The Manager will be engaged as a self-employed contractor, and will be paid an agreed sum (in the region of £20,000) for the entire season, in instalments.

Please note that no accommodation is provided.

Essential requirements

Experienced skier and leader (on and off-piste)

Good knowledge of the Jungfrau region.

At least a current BASI 2 qualification with mountain safety module or equivalent.



Race-setting qualifications and experience

Guiding qualifications and experience

Basic conversational German


How to apply

Please send a letter of application, together with a CV, to president@downhillonly.com by 31/10/20.


Further information

For further information please email the Club President president@downhillonly.com


Detailed description of duties


  1. Instructions
    • Instructions as to performance of the duties will come from the manager’s Principal Contact (who will be a senior member of the DHO) or the President of the DHO or such other individuals as they may nominate.
  2. Responsibilities
    • The Wengen Manager will act as the DHO’s representative and organiser in Wengen, Switzerland, throughout the ski season.
    • The Wengen Manager will be expected to join the DHO if not already a member, and will wear the DHO leader’s uniform when leading ski groups, during DHO races and on other appropriate occasions when representing the DHO.
    • During the ski season the Wengen Manager will be responsible for overseeing and arranging the DHO’s activities including:
      • provision of led skiing programmes for members and visitors;
      • in conjunction with the Club Room Committee:

(a) ensuring that the Club Room is well run and maintained;

(b) organising weekly parties in the Club Room or in hotels in Wengen

  • seeking to recruit new members to the DHO;
  • provision of weekly races and competitions for skiing members, and other annual races as traditionally arranged by the DHO, with the assistance and support of the Alpine Committee
  • maintaining friendly contact, cordial relationships and co-operation with organisations and individuals in Wengen
  • supporting:

(a) racing and training events in Wengen;

(b) Coggins, Eagles, development and training courses in Wengen for members;

(c) any other activities organised by the DHO in Wengen during the ski season

  • ensuring appropriate records are kept of:

(a) financial transactions (sales of goods, membership subscription payments etc.) and ensuring proper procedures are in place for banking monies received and paid out;

(b) members attending the Club Room and DHO ski groups in Wengen and their guests;

(c) new member applications;

(d) Assistant Leaders and their insurance arrangements

(e) Non-members who help and assist the DHO, so the President can properly thank them at the end of the season

(f) reporting the activities of the Club on a regular basis throughout the ski season, via the DHO website, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, and annually for the DHO Journal

  • maintaining a petty cash record on an Excel spreadsheet; the spreadsheet will be kept up to date and emailed at the end of each month during the ski season to the DHO Treasurer; the spreadsheet (and supporting documentation) should be made available for inspection at any time by the Principal Contact
  • attending DHO committee meetings when requested to do so;
  • encouraging all DHO members in Wengen participate in and enjoy all the facilities and services of the Club
  • ensuring that all the Club trophies are polished and ready for presentation during the winter season, and arranging engraving at the end of the season, with the assistance of the Alpine Committee;
  • assisting with the arrangements for, and attending, the annual President’s party;
  • supplying race results and photographs to the journal editor
  • posting a weekly blog on the DHO website;


  1. Ski Season and absences
    • The ski season runs from December to April. The Wengen Manager will be expected to be in Wengen at least one week before the season opening to prepare and one week after the agreed season end for the club to close down.
    • The precise dates on which guiding will commence at the start of season and finish at the end of the season will be agreed in advance of each ski season between the Wengen Manager and the Principal Contact.
    • Save in the event of illness or emergency any absences during the ski season should be agreed in advance with the Principal Contact.
  2. Ski-leading and Club Races
    • A programme of led skiing (“the DHO Programme”) will be agreed in advance of each ski season between the Wengen Manager and the Alpine Committee. The programme may be amended during the ski season with the agreement of the Principal Contact and/or the President. The Wengen Manger is expected to manage the ski leading programme and to make changes to  offer leading as long as conditions are safe to do so
    • Subject to weather conditions, and the operation of the skiing installations and trains, the Wengen Manager, will lead groups of skiers as set out in the DHO Programme on 5 days each week. The normal hours on each day of led skiing will be from 8.15am or 8.45am to 4.00pm (meeting and returning to Wengen at these times). Adjustment to the hours may be required during the season, and when trips to Murren to Grindelwald First are planned.
    • The Wengen Manager will lead in such a manner, and over such terrain, as is appropriate to the technical ability of the members of the group.
    • The leading may include skiing off-piste within the boundary of the ski area.
    • Skiers should only be led off-piste in circumstances where the ski-leader reasonably considers that they possess sufficient technical ability and are equipped to ski off-piste. As outlined in the DHO Risk assessment document
    • Persons who are not members of the DHO are eligible to join a ski group (at the discretion of the Ski Leader) for a single day’s skiing. Such persons may not join a ski group on a second occasion unless they have become members of the DHO.
    • The Wengen Manager will maintain a log of each day on which ski leading is undertaken which will contain the following information: (a) the start and finish time of the days ski-ing (with an explanation if the leading finishes before 3.30pm) (b) the full names of those in the group led by the Wengen Manager, indicating whether they are DHO members; (c) the area where ski-ing took place (d) whether off-piste skiing took place; (e) the weather and snow conditions.
    • In addition, the Wengen Manager will organise a race for DHO members once every week. Such organisation may require booking pistes, arranging start lists, sign up lists, taking payments, organising results, purchasing prizes, setting up promotional materials of sponsors, setting the course, taking the course down, setting safety fences when required, setting up the timing equipment.
    • The Wengen Manager will maintain a log of each day on which a ski race takes place which will contain the following information: (a) the start and finish time of the race (b) the full names of those taking part in the race, indicating whether they are DHO members; (c) the location of the race (d) the nature of the race (e) the weather and snow conditions.
    • The ski leading and racing logs will be kept up to date and should be made available for inspection by the Principal Contact.
    • All accidents must be recorded in the accident book and any other dangerous or harmful incidents should be recorded in the daily record.
  3. Office Hour
    • The DHO Club Office should be manned between about 18:00 and 19:30 on six days each week (Sunday to Friday) during the ski season either by the Wengen Manager or the DHO assistant leader. The Wengen Manager should normally be present every evening. The Wengen Manager should ensure that an Assistant Leader (or other suitable club representative) is present on Saturday nights, and on any other evening when the Wengen Manager is unable to attend.
  4. Remuneration
    • The Wengen Manager will be paid an agreed fee. The fee will payable by five instalments on dates to be agreed, and within 7 days of submission by the Wengen Manager of an invoice.
    • In the event that the Wengen Manager fails to fulfil his contractual duties as set out in this agreement, the DHO in its discretion may withhold some or all of the said fee.
  5. Insurance
    • The DHO will purchase appropriate insurance for the Wengen Manager, covering personal liability and medical expenses.
    • The policy will either be MPI’s Wintersports and Travel Insurance for Tour Operators Overseas Resort Staff, or an alternative policy offering similar cover.
  6. Status
    • The Wengen Manager is an independent contractor, not an employee.
    • She/he will be responsible for and shall indemnify the DHO in respect of any income tax, national insurance contributions, social security contributions, VAT and other liability, deduction, contribution, assessment of claim arising from the payments made to her/him by the DHO under this Agreement and/or the performance of her/his duties under this Agreement.


  1. Sickness
    • In the event of absence on account of sickness or injury, the Wengen Manager (or someone on his behalf) must inform the Principal Contact and/or the President as to the reason for the Wengen Manager’s absence as soon as possible.
    • In respect of absence lasting seven or fewer consecutive days the Wengen Manager will not usually be expected to produce a medical certificate.
    • In respect of absence lasting more than seven consecutive days the Wengen Manager may be asked to produce a medical certificate, and/or to undergo a medical examination, at the discretion of the Principal Contact and/or the President.
    • Payment of remuneration during periods of absence due to illness will be at the DHO’s discretion.


  1. Duration of contract
    • The contract will last for one season only, and may be renewed for the following season at the discretion of the DHO.
    • The contract may be terminated:
      • by the Wengen Manager on giving the DHO not less than 2 months written notice;
      • by the DHO on giving the Wengen Manager not less than 2 months written notice;
      • by the DHO without notice or payment in lieu of notice in the event of serious or persistent misconduct by the Wengen Manager.


  1. Return of property
    • At the end of the ski season (or upon earlier termination of this agreement) the Wengen Manager shall immediately return to the DHO in accordance with its instructions all property belonging to the DHO (including the keys to the DHO Club Room) which is in the Wengen Manager’s possession or under his control.



  1. Confidentiality
    • The Wengen Manager acknowledges that in the course of undertaking his responsibilities she/he will have access to confidential information, and agrees to accept the restrictions set out in this section.
    • The Wengen Manager shall not (except in the proper course of his duties) both during the term of this Agreement or at any time after its termination, use or disclose to any person, firm or company (and shall use his best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of) any confidential information. This restriction does not apply to:
      • any use or disclosure authorised by the DHO or required by law; or
      • any information which is already in, or comes into, the public domain otherwise than through any unauthorised disclosure by the Wengen Manager.
    • In this section confidential information shall mean information (whether or not recorded in documentary form, or stored on any magnetic or optical disc or memory or otherwise) relating to the business, products, affairs and finances of the DHO.


  1. Disciplinary procedure
    • There is no formal disciplinary procedure.
    • The Principal Contact will be responsible for any necessary disciplinary action.
    • If the Wengen Manager is dissatisfied with any disciplinary decision he may appeal to the President who will review the decision.


  1. Grievance procedure
    • There is no formal grievance procedure.
    • If the Wengen Manager has a grievance he should in the first instance raise it with the Principal Contact.
    • If the Wengen Manager is dissatisfied with the Principal Contact’s decision he may appeal to the President who will review the decision.



  1. Health and Safety
    • The Wengen Manager agrees:
      • to adhere to all Health and Safety guidelines and instructions which may be given to him by the Principal Contact or the President and to the DHO’s Risk Assessment and Management Programme;
      • to maintain an accident book and assist in the reporting of accidents to our insurers; and,
      • to liaise with the DHO’s Risk Management Officer at the end of each season to apply lessons learned during that season towards the improvement of the Risk Assessment and Management Programme.
    • The Wengen Manager is expected to contribute to the development of Health & Safety guidelines.
  2. Non-smoking policy
    • The DHO operates a non-smoking policy in all of its premises including the Club Room.


  1. Jurisdiction
    • The DHO is a UK Limited Company and any dispute arising from this agreement shall be resolved in the courts of England and Wales, and is subject to English Law.