The Downhill Only Club

Registered Address
The Director’s Office, Imperial Hotel,
London WC1H 0DG

Winter 2020/21 Club Room Procedure

Welcome to your Winter!

Our current guidelines for our private gathering:

We will gather from 1700 to 1800hrs & 1800 to 1900hrs

There will 2 people with overall responsibility, providing information and maximising safety.

· 10 people maximum at any given time (this includes the 2 responsible persons

· Masks to be worn upon initial entry and when moving from your table to use the facilities

· Hands to cleaned with the provided disinfectant on entry and departure

· Please select a seat, BYOB + your own snacks

· Glasses will be available at your chosen table. Please use one glass for your visit. Empties will be cleared.

· Complete your contact details on the register

· Have a good craic, make sure you know what is happening tomorrow

The room will be wiped down and all glasses cleaned for another fabulous group tomorrow

A rota system will be used, if required, to ensure a variety of attendees.

Please make sure you understand the above guidelines, ask if you need any clarification.