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Well what a great start to the season!

The week prior to my arrival in Wengen we had a week of fairly continuous snowfall which has resulted in around one and half meters of snow! So we have fabulous conditions over the whole ski area.

The Eiger showed its face on Saturday, the first time in a while!


The Eiger shows it’s face


The first week of the season has been fairly quiet, mostly with resident members on the slopes and in the club room. After the intense week of snowfall  blue skies prevailed for the remainder of the week.


Lauberhorn catching the sun


Small groups have joined me for their first outings, taking it fairly easy in order to get their ski legs. We enjoyed some fabulous skiing on the Mannlichen and all the way down to the Grindelwand terminal.




A high avalanche risk prevailed, firstly with the sheer amount of fresh snow followed by full depth avalanches thundering down towards Wengen as the sun came out and the temperature climbed.


Looking down on Wengen


Full depth avalanche



The pistes have remained in good condition throughout the week, with more snow grooming taking place as the snow settles and as we approach Christmas.


Enjoying the fabulous conditions


Next week

The weather forecast is settled and cold for the week ahead, so those that are coming skiing for Christmas can look forward to good snow conditions on the pistes.

The leader program is available from Sunday, Johnny McIntyre joins us for the next two weeks.

Meeting outside the club room from 08.30 for an 08.45 start. If you intend to join the leading program please download the Proactively app from the DHO  website https://downhillonly.com/the-essential-dho-proactively-app/

this gives you the ability to complete your disclaimer in advance, it also gives you quick access to useful phone numbers and our feedback form.

See you soon!