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A quiet week with lovely Spring snow and a fun race.

This spring week did not have as much sun as people would have ideally wished, but we had enough. Hayley and I were delighted Lachlan received his blue star badge as well as seeing his cousin also achieve Blue Princess. A spring success.

On Wednesday morning we were treated to a fantastic snow fall, this really freshened up the piste. As well as providing a wonderful day of fresh snow skiing. This was the day I was proud to ski to Brandegg with Lachlan, his cousin, his mum and his granny. What a super spring. Awesome!

Peter L has been doing a wonderful job of looking after people on the slopes and in the club room some evenings. Thank you Peter, and thank you to everyone who has helped with the variety of club activities this winter. Whilst Peter went off with Hano and the Helicopter today I had a marvellous morning around Kleinescheidegg. 8 of us found and skied beautiful spring snow. all though there were a few opportunities to practice walking and skiing on heather, it did not spoil our fun.

The week had started with the last day in the Mannlichen area for this winter. We found heavy fresh snow made for a developmental first ski for those who had just arrived on holiday. However once again the members here were very pleased to have their DHO leaders look after them and relieve them of deciding where to go. Of course, like Wednesday the new fairly damp snow froze and added to the weight bearing spring crust many of us enjoy skiing on.

Tuesday found a few us enjoying drinks in Hotel Regina. a good craic was had by all. Thank you once again to the Meyers for being such super hosts. the drinks in the warm hotel were most welcome. A few had just returned from the Trummelbach Falls; a magnificent attraction.

A final spring race:



Most people find that actually the races are not that scary, but their hearts beat faster in the start hut! For this years Odling Cup we had two runs on the course. Actually time allowed for a few of the racers to have third timed run which was most satisfactory. The winner was to be the person who had the fastest combined time of both runs. I shall post the results and some pictures on Sunday.

This year had several strong skiers one of which was Peter, he went under a minute for the first time. One of the open entries showed such promise that we hope he will join the DHO and take part in the AICC races next winter.


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