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It is the Spring Season and a chance to clean out the memories!

The Season of goodbyes.

The season is drawing or has drawn to a close. Maennlichen is replacing the cable car boxes. Ski instructors have time to go for a wee ski tour. SnowpenAir had a fabulous sunny day. Spring snow is available, spring flowers have sprung. A final race of the season was held and Pete the Pigeon won; cooee! Oh aye & the Grund to Maennlichen bubble will still be working and here next winter. This of course means the Holenstein Challenge is available for one more year. What is that I hear you ask (unless you know, in which case a rye smile probably spread across your face)? Well; on the way up from Grund to Maennlichen when you get to the middle station at Holenstein you get out! Get out, run downstairs, round the bottom to the entrance, stop at the vending machine and get a chocolate bar, upstairs and back into the gondola you got out of! I thoroughly enjoyed watching two people do it this season. Well done Chris & Kyle.

A snowy Season!

A fabulous season for snow, not quite so much sun though! Anyone on holiday in January will remember torrential downpours, astonishing snow fall, serious weather impacts and if you had one, a real appreciation for a home fire! Then just when we were ready for spring snowmaggedon came back! 20+cm of snow in Wengen Village over night on 30th March. Not of course unheard of in historical terms, but we really did have plenty of snow.


We’ve had reticence, resilience, recovery, raucousness, revelry, relief & results. Some will know and some may not that one of our DHO Wengen family had a serious crash, but is now well on course to a good recovery. 2 others have given themselves black eyes but both are beautiful again and from what I hear all staved thumbs are once again useful to their owners. I missed those of you who ended up not well enough to make it out this winter, I’m glad to hear that most of those for whom that was the case are feeling the odds are good for a visit in 2019. Here’s to a fun filled and fanciful spring summer and autumn for everyone.

And some pictures

And a wee slide show too