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A Starter for 10! Following the drama of a vastly different year.


Starting with 2017, Dramatic times and different memories.

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Vastly different, well it wasn’t initially.

Starting Again

Its that time again. Winter is Starting. Although by this time normally, you’ve commited to your holiday week, you’ve been to the shops, you’ve possibly even bought your lift pass. This year there is a little more apprehension. However, Wengen is looking forward to seeing you. Space has been cleared for space to be kept, masks designed for comfort and style for where you need them. Snow is starting to fall naturally from the ski and manually from the blowers.

Of course in starting the winter we look forward to skiing. Here a good space between people has always been a good idea. On sunny days everyone has always loved a seat in the outdoors too. It should be easy to get served a cold or hot drink this year and we’re unlikely to be queing inside the Co-op.

Here’s a high point from last winter from a wee guy I’m very proud of:


Here’s to Starting to live again.

I know its not been a wonderful year from many. It hasn’t been a bad year for everyone. Let us know if your coming out to Wengen, we can’t wait to see you.

Here’s the page about Club racing: Racing – Downhill Only Ski Club

Here’s where to get your lift pass: Jungfrau Ski Region | jungfrau.ch

Hopefully see you soon. Don’t forget to check travel advice and local requirements on: Foreign travel advice – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

It’s probably a good year to check the fine print on any holiday insurance too.

If you nip to our Facebook page you’ll see pictures of a snowy Wengen from just the other day. Keep an eye out for blogs through the season. Hopefully they will include humour, interest and useful information. I’m having a twinge of excitement writing this, I’ll be there soon, will you?