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Cooking, free for no. 1? It is quite a time!


Have you found time for cooking? A lot less skiing going on; still a few people touring here and there, but in general we’re looking forward to next season. So something I like doing is cooking. Taking a little time over crafting a dish or a new sauce. Following a recipe or enjoying some add lib fusion cooking. I think it is the fusion cooking I really like. I came across the description of my cooking as fusion quite recently. It is a description of what we can really enjoy in Britain. Cross cultural and mixed continental food: chips & Curry sauce, BBQ Pizza and roasted lettuce.

Below is a picture of one of our meals this week. Not because it is a great picture, but because I enjoyed producing it and I think it covered the idea of fusion cooking very well. I made some flat bread; this is something I do with groups camping and cooking on fires or stoves. Some wholemeal flour, sugar and water, mixed into a nice dough. Now of course you can do more. With this one I did crumb the flour with a little butter, used milk instead of water added some cumin seeds and a touch of smoked paprika. It was rolled flat and pan fried in coconut oil, yummy.

I then made some guacamole, (Avacado, garlic, creme fraich  & a touch of salt) and roasted a selection of vegetables (broccoli stalk, sweet potato, potato, onion, mushroom and chicken in a drizzle of sesame oil, a splosh of walnut oil all mixed with a selection of Moroccan spices (Mix unknown as it was premixed in a Morocco, a present from my sister). Also served with lime pickle.

Cooking with Children:

Now I’m sure there are loads of resources for this out there on the interweb and ‘tinternet! However, Lachlan loves a bit of experimentation.

This has resulted in something shareable…… perhaps you’ll decide about that. Take your traditional American pancake mixture, then make it purple! Rather than colouring though, I suggest you blend in fruit! Lachlan loves raspberries blended into his pancake. It is of course still equally nice with butter, maple syrup, bacon, fresh strawberries etc.

And don’t forget, the more mess you make, the longer it takes to tidy up!

No Skiing, so what exercise am I getting:

Obviously no matter how much chopping, tossing, stirring, mixing, mashing, peeling one does it never really counts as exercise. Lots of people have been doing this, which is great for our health.

Some of my friends have had some good ideas for time erosion and fitness building. I really like the 3 press ups every minute for a whole hour, followed by 3 sit ups each minute for an hour! 2 hours gone and a massive amounts of energy spent. these pals of mine also added to the world of recent parody’s.

And so now we risk another video hole however here are two brilliant short films created by responsible outdoor enthusiasts.


mmmm, there is another one on facebook, a skiing one, its really good. I can’t find it on youtube… yet.

Queens Speech.

I liked it. Did you?

What else?

Please let me know if you’re reading this at the moment, and if you’d like to read about anything in particular. If we have any summer events in the club you’ll find them in the website, or I’ll mention them here.

So here’s to developing out understanding of online socialising, reading books we’ve been looking forward too and filling our ‘wish we could’ bucket of future plans.