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First trips and First podium finishes

First queues

Another roller coaster of a week. A successful  trip to ski at First. It was cold, the snow was good and the company excellent. In groups of not more than 5 (there are restrictions and guidance here too) we whipped down the mountain. Got the 121 bus at the new terminal and headed through to Firstbahn.

The lead group said nothing of the queues. Not a huge issue really. Social distancing makes queues look very long. We used to squeeze the same number of poeple into one bus! Total travel time from the Terminal to the Top of the Oberjoch chair, including a pee stop, was just under an hour. Not that different from normal.

The pistes were exquisit and the view’s were magnificent and the park was awesome. The bails of straw hanging about at the take away coffee spot made excellent seats, for a moment or two.

We even had First first timers! Super cool. Lachlan attempted to hold onto a very long T-Bar. Oh, boy did his arms hurt. He made it lots further than expected. When he fell off he was close enough to the top to walk up the last bit.

Run 22 was a delight. So, we wondered if it was a magical rolling carpet of a run, how long could you just keep skiing? The final bus was a bit crowded. So we got off at the train station. Oooops. The trains from Grindlewald are now hourly (through the week anyway)! There is a train every half hour but you have to go to the Terminal and then get one of the Gondola’s to head home. We still had to wait 20 minutes.

Back at Eigergletcher again. We skied down to KS first and then down the rat run home. What a really lovely day out.

First Podioum

Dave Ryding won third place in the Slalom at Aldeboden! You can check out his run here: BBC iPlayer – Ski Sunday – 2021: 10/01/2021

The show closed with great excitement about the up and coming Lauberhorn race in Wengen. And there was great excitement here in Wengen too. There was also aprehension. Every person and their dog was being tested for COVID. Clusters of positive’s were found which causedg great distress to whole hotels. Other whole hotel teams were tested and found negative just this morning. We were hoping and praying the race would be able to go ahead.

Sadly by 1600hrs on Monday 11th of January 2021 this was one scene.

First removal

Rolling the fences away

This rubish picture contains many workers rolling away the safety and barrier fences. This brought the news that all of the Lauberhorn races were now cancelled and put quite a dampner on the day.

What will happen next

I don’t know.

Moisture on masks makes funny faces.

Kids still want to have fun.

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is beautiful.

If you ski backwards into a barbedwire fence you can do this.

The Eiger remains impressive.

I like my new lunch box.

first selfie with the Eiger First time at start bar First trip

Stay Safe and be excellent to each other.