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Missing you! It is really wintery, cold snowy but too quiet!

Quietest Week of the season

We’re missing everyone. It always is. That is, the quietest week of the winter, the one after the Lauberhorn Downhill. Now, nobody in Switzerland has any holidays left. And this year it is difficult for lots of other people to get here. Normally we have the INFERNO race to break up this quiet period until February. This year we don’t!

Do you remember my run from last year?

For more information check here: The Incredible Inferno 2020 – Downhill Only Ski Club

Because it is so quiet we have a load of members (we miss you all), that normally take the chance to come and enjoy the best snow. The quietest mountain and for the last couple of years the best races! By this I mean, of course, the International events but then our own Eastwood Trophy (Super G on the Lauberhorn piste), the INFERNO over the valley and then our parallel slalom, the Tourist Cup and the McMillan Downhill. The Tschuggen piste is even open and the snow is smoothing it out everyday.

I’m hoping we will manage something for the McMillan, but, I don’t know what yet.

Here’s some of the run as it was on Saturday:

Messages (I’ll only put first names)

I’m missing all the people I normally ski with. Carol sent me a message the other day. She said, ‘Cancelling my flights almost had me in tears, please say sorry to anyone out there who knows me. Will miss you all terribly. Carol (aka Heidi!!!)’ I will do that Carol. We will miss you too. Your sledge would have been used every day on your route home. Even here in Wengen we have friends climbing the walls as they suffer another period of quarantine or isolation. Wishing you all the patience you need.

Johnny headed home the other day. Missing you already. He said he had a wonderful time with those he got to ski with, even when quiet the cameraderie of Wengen is incredible. Tony has been messaging regularly for a wee ski film or picture, ‘Any nice off piste vids to keep me going?’ So I’ve sent him some. Peter has messaged me resigned to the fact that ‘, – (he) will just to have ski more next season’. Ian and Cynthia sent a message of hello, they are looking forward to having more than a waitrose delivery to look forward too!

I hope the scarf did arrive in time? (very specific message group)

Great Snow

Snow blasting

A big cornice is cleared


A winter home

There is now lots of snow. It was a phenomenal weekend. The race piste would have been difficult to clear in time for the race. So, the many people that had the weekend off for the race, found themselves enjoying a powder day of epic proportions. The wengen ski area got tracked like Verbier! Crazy times. Lines that would normally be clear 2 or 3 days after a snow fall were well gone. I only got to test it today as we’ve been in quarantine again. We finished today, had another covid test, got the negative thumbs up and were able to go skiing. Pinch me please, no don’t, if I am alseep I don’t want to wake up!

Marguerite was there too.


It feels very safe out on the mountain. Would it if it were more busy? Not everyone was enthralled by the crowds of Saturday. But, we are missing almost everyone. However, skiing at the moment is a proper period of daily excercise, rather than a day out. There is nowhere to hide in bad weather. Well not nowhere, if you count cowering behind summer milking sheds. Or pausing to lean against a cold window at the top of the Eiger Express. Or you could build a snow hole. Closest to this we’ve got is a garden igloo. This has now become Lachlan’s private reading area!