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It isn’t busy everywhere

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well it should be. Certainly Sunday just gone was. It was crazy busy. Feeling very much overcrowded on the train. The weather was so good that every woman and her man and her dog had turned up. I think in Grindlewald busy didn’t really cover it. The car parks were full. So, cars were parked on verges, it was like Windermere on a normal July Saurday! There were queues at the chair lifts. Which meant there were people counting people on to trains! And not evderyone got on.

I did have a visiting member in town, the fully recovered Mark. (Mark had a bone breaking accident just before the Inferno in 2020, he was fit and ready for this year; but, now he has until 2022 to be really ready. The Incredible Inferno 2020 – Downhill Only Ski Club) So on a busy Sunday we found ourselves lapping the Innerwengen chair, where there was no queue. Making our own new lines in untracked snow on each of the 8 runs. Phenomenal.

an unskied field

All our tracks

But not busy enough!

The whole place is really missing you though. Because it’s you that completes the atmosphere. Now, that may be a little too cheesy, but it is true.

Not so busy Monday.

Do you read Clives blog? Idle thoughts from a mountain – Skiing in the Bernese Oberland He wondered on Sunday if it was weekenders or all weekers. It was weekenders. I mean, it is still so much more busy than it has been. But, barely as busy as a normal Saturday in January.

There was another lovely trip to Muerren.

(I really should be able to find the umlauts!) Of course a small group of 5 of us. We did 5 runs down the Schilthorn. There are advantages to the place not being busy! It means you can ski down from the Schilthorn, do two riggli’s run inside head back up the top, repeat. Amazing. We were even able to finish our day in Lauterbrunnen.

not busy

Looking up to the Riggli chair – 85% gradient black!

not busy either

Froggy the lunch box makes ot to Muerren too. (Thanks mum a very useful Lunch Box)

Where am I

I’ve been doing some spot the location posts on Instagram and facebook. Here they are. I’ll number them and put the locations after the pictures, this will hopefully mean you get another chance to guess.

never busy








Non of the locations were busy. Although even at number 7 there were other people there at the same time (it was Saturday). The tracks we left in the snow were still undisturbed by today! (Monday 15/2)

I am very proud of this picture.

busy with pride

Black Rock

Hopefully you’ve had a try at guessing the locations. After the next collection of pictures I shall list the answers.

Oh and here’s a wee trip over the Hundschopf for you:

Busy busy; heres the answers.

  1. Corner of Barandegg Resraurant.
  2. Looking up from Brandegg Station.
  3. Jumping Field (off piste above the Fox Run – Allmend hiding behind the trees below).
  4. Looking over the railings at the Mannlichen Bahn in Wengen.
  5. This was just off piste to the skiers left after you have come off the Gummi Chairlift. Just behind me is a bench and a wee hut, piste number 11 out of sight below and to the right.
  6. Beeping through at Wixi.
  7. Summit of the Lauberhorn on Saturday 13th of Feb 15minutes walk up behind the Lauberhorn Chairlift.


Incase you missed it:

I’ve not heard what muscles or tendons he pulled. But what a recovery!