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A special McMillan, Memorial, 96th Anniversary & a Birthday

McMillan a special event for special people.

You are all special and all missed. Of course those no longer with us are missed in a different way. I think it is a special thing to remember people. This is why I love the song Auld Lang Syne. No one should be forgotten. We sing it more than once a year normally at large social gatherings. Every redition gives opportunity to remember those special to us, missed by us, dear to us.

Given the pandemic and special circumstances of this winter I might not have even tried to make the McMillan Downhill Race happen. However, we had a special reason. The inaugural Brian Pette Cup. Brian was lost to his family and to our club early last summer. He was taken prematurely by this global virus.

To this end I read through the restrictions and guidelines. I was delighted that they would allow us to have a sporting and or cultural event for 5 people. The McMillan race is both. The piste control and SOS agreed and so we had our Special McMillan. We needed someone that was eligible for the Brian Pette Cup and 3 other willing racers. We found them. So, the contest went ahead. The fifth person is me, the start marshall. Thanks to all the others that assisted in the back ground too.

Here’s the video of the finish line:

The Results:

First over the line was James Wilson. Winning the McMillan Cup & the Jarvis Cup.

Special Award

Second was Marguerite Nice. Winning the Big John Cup, The Falken fastest lady and the Half Ton Plate. Happy Birthday too.

Another special winner

In third was Rebecca Myles. Winning the Chaplains Trophy, The DHO Challenge Cup (novice) & the Vertigo Cup.

Special Vertigo

Fourth and the winner of the Brian Pette Cup was Anthony Schwarz. Thank you Steve for donating the cup and for taking the time to join us for the prize giving. We look forward to seeing you in Wengen next winter.

Special new trophy

Now Anthony also had a bit of our special ski area named after him a couple of seasons ago. He decided the route I suggested was far too tame and so off he leaped! We now call it Anthony’s Leap.

Anthonies Leap

3m Leap, into very deep snow at the time

Special Leap

This years visit and Anthony was a little suprised at how large the drop actually was. The wind sculpting and snow quantities are similar to that of the season he skied off into fresh air! Can you tell where it is? Just above the start of Red 11 down to Tschuggen, not far from the top of Gummi on Skiers right after you have passed the piste coming down from the top of the Honegg Chair Lift.

Incase you missed it here’s a youtube film of the McMillan Prize giving which we held over Zoom. As riviting as a parish council meeting? However, we were delighted that each of the people present took the time to be involved. Thank you. You can watch it again here.


It was wonderful. I was totally astonished at the level of excitement from Lachlan. As soon as the meeting finished, he bounced up and shouted at his total joy at having been involved in his first YouTube Live Stream! There you go.

A special 96th Anniversary.

I suggested a few of us gather at an out of the way place to raise a glass to our club being 96 years old. Here’s the photographic directions to the location:

Would that be enough for you? The old Mittellegi Hutte, moved down to just above the rock face of black rock. It was quite exposed.

and quite windy! So we had a few pictures and moved to a more sheltered location. Cheers.

Special Skies and Saharan Sand

The scirocco wind brought us a new colour? It made the sky yellow. I think we were at the edge of the massive cloud of sand although it had significant effect non the less.

And here is a wee bit of shakey wobbly footage, which I think shows the yellowness left behind by the storm, if not very well:

Love from Wengen

Just That. Your Wengen is looking forward to welcoming you back whenever that may be. In the mean time be good to each other, enjoy old memories and look forward to making new ones.