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It’s life Jim, but not as we know it. Christmas 2020

 Life, but not as we know it!

An understatement. Life does roll on. I can droll on. However, here I shall attempt to only droll on about skiing and Wengen. To follow, sadly will include some of the negative bits about life just now. A touch unavoidable. Apart from to say that our thoughts, my thoughts are with all of you: Those not having the time they expected, not feeling the things they wanted and not with those they had wish to be. So much of this current life is not as we know it!

And for those who’ve found themselves most unexpectedly in Quarantine; may your books be reviting, your television distracting and your company thoughtful!

Seeking the silver lining.

Here (on this website), you can find some lovely pictures. (FYI if you think they could be lovelier, send me some at wengen.manager@downhillonly.com ). Also some I hope at least mildly entertaining short video’s and some text that will bring a smile.

Last March, so long ago, I found myself with the none of the work I expected. I became a stay at home dad. Making attempts at daily home education of an energetic son. Usually once we return from the winter I am away working about 20 days of each month. So this year, Lachlan and I had much more time together. Lachlan was asked if he thought that my continued presence was a bit of a silver lining? His response: ‘Silver lining, no; it is a Gold Lining’. And my heart melted again.

On Sunday life improved, Hayley and Lachlan just managed to join me in Wengen. Now we all need to do quarantine life together for 10 days. For many that arrived in Switzerland since the 14th of December, this is not a good thing. However, for us, the time together, for Hayley (who has spent the year as a very busy nurse) the rest is most certainly a silver lining. Is the opportunity for a gin and tonic at 10:30am a silver lining?


The mountains here are open. They are being enjoyed by many Dutch and French Swiss. In fact it seems that during this year many a Swiss has crossed the Roestigraben, for what seems the first time in their life. They’ve discovered all of Switzerland is beautiful!

The mountains here are open. Skiing is prepared and the uplift is swift. It is time for a piste picnic though. I suspect a few restaurants will be sorted for takeaway soon. I’ll let know, perhaps for interest, perhaps for use.

Ski Leading

Pistes are open all over the mountain. The new boards make it very easy to see what is open. However, not so easy to identify what’s closed. Clear bright green lines and names indicate the open things. The closed things are just dull or almost invisible. So it cunningly always looks like everything is open! This means that of you know you want to ski down via the Tschuggen (ladies Downhill, red 22) you need to specifically check if its open. Life, but not quite as we know it.

However, I’m here and there a few other members about who are keen for people to ski with. So if your life has meant you can be here and you can leave your room. Then turn up at the Eiger Residence Steps in the morning from Monday 28th of December. There will be someone there tomorrow as well (24/12) but I think that moment will have passed very soon! Details will be on a poster by the Club Room.

There are toilets and take away all over the mountain. The top and bottom of the new Eiger Express are especially well provisioned.

Our Club Room

Life on the mountain is different. So is life in the village. Yes we have ski slopes and uplift. But there are no mountain restaurants, no cafe’s and no bars. As already indicated, this will encourage many more piste picnic’s. For which there are many glorious locations all around our ski area.

These venues are to remain closed until the 22nd of January 2021. Hotels are allowed to serve their guests and many are doing takeaway and some delivery. In line with the spirit of the rules and guidelines and respect for our village the DHO Club Room will also be closed until the 22nd of January 2021.

There will be updates to this information as soon as possible after they happen.

Our decorated tree.


In other silver linings:

GB’s Andrew Young Takes Silver and Enters the History Books – PlanetSKI


Dave Ryding Starts His Season with Mixed Results – PlanetSKI

Well done to two of our British Skiers. Good luck with the rest of the season

And finally:

Someone is managing to excel and have fun:


Stay Safe everyone.

just in case you didn’t get my title reference:

Froehliche Weihnachten