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Joy. Unexpected in one government email!


Joy is perhaps a strong word. We have finished our period of quarantine today.


We can leave

On the 21st of December the Swiss government asked everyone who had arrived from the UK and South Africa since the 14th of December to quarantine for 10days. Oh the Joy!

We’ve tried our best to keep up with the rule changes and do the right thing. I hope the rest of you have too? All of these restrictions are there to protect others; please try to do the right thing? And if you haven’t been, then start doing so now. Joy or no Joy. Along with the bars and restaurants our Clubroom in Wengen will remian closed until at least the 22nd of January.

Joy across the valley

Still nice at night

Joy in a government email!

We received another email. It said, you can leave your quarantine any time after 29:59 on the 29th of December 2020. Ya Beauty, now that brought us Joy. It was especially good because we had thought we would have to quarantine another whole 24 hours.

The week before we had an email telling us to go for a test on Christmas Day. However, this also brought Joy. We were in quarantine remember. So this meant that we could now have a lovely Christmas Day walk all the way into town. To the doctors surgery to have cotton buds stuck up our noses, but a walk all the same. Masks on here, Masks off there. Wash / sanitise your hands after every contact with the mask. Oh the Joy!

Town Side of Bridge.

After the bridge

Christmas Covid Test

Downhill Side of Bridge.

Joy. Masks Off

On route home

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and …

We were well stocked thanks to our lovely and generous friends who ‘nipped’ out to Innerwengen with our essentials. Truffle Raclette Cheese, Beer, Milk, Broccoli, Lemon & Tonic Water.

Joy with cheese

Pepper too

Having an under 12 with us meant we could go out everyday for a little air. Having a garden area meant we didn’t need to risk any innapropriate or risky  contact with others.

Thank you

A new coat

We also found Joy in old films, new films, great books (have you discoverd the Cressida Cowell, Wizards of Once series yet? Cracking!) Card Games. Santa glasses, Who am I games. Even really thick warm socks. Lachlan made breakfast. Chocolate Fondue for Lunch. Gingerbread houses.

he's the best

Scrambled Egg

Joy in Chocolate

Chocolate Fondue

Gingerbread House

Thanks Kathleen

A great present

Who am I

Of course our location blessed us with a joy bringing view too.

New snow  fading light longing for freedom whispy sky cold happy inside

In the other direction there was some nice snow we were looking forward to skiing!

saving for a picture



That said what else is there to say?

Well for one things there is our first ever British Podium in the World Mogul Championships!

Great Britain’s Thomas Gerken Schofield wins dual moguls silver – BBC Sport

Otherwise not much really, basically been in the house for 10days! We are working on an Igloo. We’ve got a full recyling bag. I can’t wait to go skiing tomorrow (Thursday 31st December 2020).

If we do manage to do anything as a club you’ll find it mentioned in this blog or here: Comprehensive Events Calendar 2020/21 – Downhill Only Ski Club

If you can come to Wengen and the Jungfrau Region then, you can ski. You can see the Start Bar’s new roof and get a takeaway drink. In fact the takeaway options are rather varied. Bottom of the Innerwengen chair there is the usual takeaway and the best Hot Chocolate at Mary’s Cafe.

New roof Joy

New Roof, open for Takeaway

There was a first trip to Muerren today.

schilthorn steep the cable

Be Excellent to Each Other. It is much more likely to bring joy.

Breithorn from Wengen

Breithorn from Wengen