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Devastating Fohn Wind Severely Damages Lauberhorn Start Bar 23/11/2019

The Berner Zeitung reports today a very high föhn wind in the Jungfrau region yesterday. This has caused a lot of damage to the Lauberhorn Start Bar.

The storm is thought to have had gusts more than 220 kph (135 mph). Although wind speed sensors stopped working at 200kph. The live camera on top of the Wixi Lift is now working again. This gives an excellent view of the damage to the Start Bar.

How much damage has occurred to the Lauberhorn Start Bar is uncertain right now. What we can tell you is that the entire roof lifted off the structure and now lies some 20 – 30 meters away. In the process damaging the front gable wall and inner supporting structure. It appears that much that was below the roof line seems, from pictures, to have escaped much damage.

Due to the storm all lifts and pistes are currently shut, spoiling what we expected to be a great start to the season. Warm weather will continue for several days. The forecast says this should change towards next weekend. When temperatures are once again expected to fall bringing further snow.

Damaged Lauberhorn Start Bar with Roof in Foreground

Lauberhorn Start Bar with Roof

Pictures from the Berner Zeitung

The Start Bar sitting next to the Lauberhorn Downhill Start has been popular for some time. Many of us will have stopped on a sunny day and enjoyed the view and a drink. I am sure that all at the Downhill Only Club will be keeping their fingers crossed. And hoping that the damage can be swiftly repaired.

Update 26/11/2019 Repairs to Lauberhorn Start Bar Begin

Lauberhorn Start Bar Repairs

With first light this morning the repairs have started. A team of men have been busy lifting the heavy wooden beams onto the roof. As fast as a helicopter can deliver them to the top of the Lauberhorn. If the weather will stay nice for a few days it looks like there will be a good chance that the Lauberhorn Start Bar will be able to open again soon.

Update 07/01/2020 Help put a proper roof on the Start Bar

Within days of the damage being done a new temporary flat roof was in place on the Start Bar allowing Beni to open for the start of the season. There is however a Go Fund Me Page to help replace this temporary roof with something better come the spring if you would like to help