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Lost for words! What a wonderful place

Lost for words.

I was. On Tuesday the 6th of April 2021 at about 18:30 I was lost for words. Why? It was my last night in the DHO Club Room as the Wengen Manager / Secretary. An unexpected evening, because Mr Wilson had requested, organised and gathered some kind words for my departure. Please accept my gratitude for all the kinds words. Those typed, those filmed and those spoken. There were as many lovely people as possible there too. Some even taking shifts! Hayley, Lachlan and I were moved to tears. So, thank you everyone. Thank you all for sharing a love of the mountains, a love skiing and a love of good company. For great conversation, loud laughs and tolerating my boyishness. Thank you to the Village of Wengen for welcoming us with open arms.

This final winter has been a bit of an enigma. It is one I hope will feel fully resolved by the end of half term in 2022.

Words are still not flowing.

The Final weeks.

Since we completed our 20,000vm challenge we’ve seen more amazing snow in the village and on the mountain. As seems to be customary now, the day the Männlichen Chairlift closes the conditions are phenomenal. The piste had been made fresh up once more with new snow.

We had some visitors to the village (from inside Switzerland) so, much fun was had. Spring snow trips, a final whizz around some gates and added adventures all over the mountain.

Lachlan finished strong enough to be permitted to ski by the doctor. His knee is not at full mobility but it was not in pain when skiing.

Great Scenes with heavy hearts and fond memories.

Here, to look through are some pictures from the winter. If you’ve read this before you will have seen them already. I’m already looking forward to looking at them again.

Breithorn from Wengen

Breithorn from Wengen

Special Award

busy with pride

Black Rock

And don’t forget the DHO Wengen YouTube Channel for reliving those sliding moments!

 DHO Wengen – YouTube 

There you’ll find a recently added short recording of a Wolf up on Männlichen! Just over a week ago a Wolf wandered over the top, near the Spycher bar and ran off down the black piste! Crazy times.

Until we meet or talk or ski again.