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Wonderful memories, special people & 20,000 vertical meters!

Wonderful Memories

So many, for so many of us. Some of them always bring a smile, some can bring a tear. I’m thinking now about wonderful times in the Mountains. Wonderful times skiing, and memories of our wonderful families.

This last week we’ve had some fun.

Wonderful Photo Shoot!

wonderful Pink wonderful group wonderful mountain wonderful wonderful ski wonderful friends

We met up with a photographer and some brightly dressed people for a whip around the mountain. Our hope, was to get some wonderful pictures for the website. So keep an eye out for them appearing. The weather was fantastic, the company awesome and I quite liked a few of the pictures I took too. We were able to finish with a drink in the sun at the Start Bar, enjoy some giggles creating more wonderful memories too.

Wonderful off-piste skiing

We had some more snow and we’ve been skiing in it. I still love how we can have untracked snow to ski in days and days after a snow fall. Obviously, I’m not talking about  100’s of meters of it. A few exciting turns here a few exciting turns there. A fight through some trees. A leap over a dip.

Pictures can give us something to look back on, to reminisce with, to smile at. Have you looked at your last ski trip photo’s recently?

wonderful john wonderful anthony wonderful martin wonderful lineswonderful adventure wonderful space

Wonderful Uplift!

One morning early in the season James and I skied over 8000vm in very little time. By 11am! We decided it must be possible to ski 20000vm in a single ski day. It would certainly be wonderful to try. As we talked about the numbers and made a plan we even decided we should also use all the cable uplift on the day we attempted it. It would be too easy to just do 10 laps of the Eiger express. (This is definitely debateable.)

We even got as a far as setting a day. Thursday 18th of March 2021.

For a few consecutive years up to 2015 we had had a challenge. The Nae Limits challenge. Try to ski as much vertical meters as you can in a single ski day. We had competitors and we had winners. On the 8th of January 2015, Adrian Schwarz, Thomas Clayton and Freddie Myles skied 21299vm in a single day. I know, wow!

This is where those tears come in. Sadly 3 years later Adrian died. He was very ill, he had fought a good fight, he was too young. Last week we still had the pleasure of Anthony’s company (Adrian’s father) and he decided he would like to donate a plate to the Club. In memory of Adrian his son and of his phenomenal achievement. We decided to call it the Adrian Schwarz Challenge. From now on if any member of the club does ski 20000+vm in a single day then they can have their name engraved on the plate. Just once. Although I think once will be enough.

The wonderful 20

So on Thursday 18th myself, James, Rebecca and Eddie set off on our challenge. We were off plan with in moments as we were worried about getting to the Wixi lift before it opened. We didn’t want to waste 6 minutes waiting.

The pistes were very empty the snow stayed good for longer than expected. We skied and skied and skied. At 11am we were worried. By 14:30 we weren’t. What a day out. And yes we did manage to ski all those vertical meters.

And so in memory of Adrian, in appreciation of our ski area and with pride. All four of us are delighted to be on the Club’s newest Challenge Plate. It is quite a challenge. It is not something I will be seeking to repeat. However, if you set out on it and you complete it, let Anthony or the Wengen manager know and you too can be added to the plate.

wonderful memories

A new plate to be filled with new memories.

wonderful mood

We were not happy all day!

wonderful finish

But we were in the end

Wonderful Winter

I’ve love the winter. I’ve loved it for a long time. Spring is awesome too. The spring snow is just coming into perfection now. The sun predicted for this week will really sort it out. What spring skiing memories do you have?

wonderful spring wonderful wengen wonderful place

Here’s to the future memories we will all make.