The Downhill Only Club

The Director’s Office, Imperial Hotel,
London WC1H 0DG

More guidelines and 1st snow, fond yet stand offish greetings, Wengen!

More Guidelines and 1st Snow

I’ve arrived safely in Wengen. Kathleen was great company on what was thank fully an uneventful journey. I was prepared for all sorts of guidelines. However, we drifted south until we reached a snowy Lauterbrunnen. This 1st snow for me was the result of the 1st snow fall of the new winter. Great to see.

We were met by Rebecca, thank you. The guidelines meant no friendly hugs or hand shakes. So I’m enjoying a giving a little nod of the head and saying shalom. We all need a continuation of peace at the moment. We instantly discussed whether the guidelines would be changing. So I decided it would be rude not to use the 1st snow for a 1st ski in the morning.

Please forgive the humming, I nearly remembered not too.

Representing …

I’m here, yes its lovely although a bit different from the norm. I think I should be representing as much normality as possible. Amidst the changing guidelines. I know that everyone who wants to be here this winter will be; although I continue to hope. Whether you make it to Wengen or not check out what’s going on here: Hopefully as the winter progresses you’ll smile, laugh, gasp and, well I don’t know, but hopefully it will make you a little happy.

The Eiger Express;

Speedy, big, phenomenal. It’s like an airport at the bottom. The arrival from skiing has not changed. The 1st snow has enabled run 21 and blue bob run to open straightaway so you can ski to the building in the same way you could always ski to the Mannlichen Gondola. It is a shorter walk over a wider bridge. Then with guidelines clearly marked in you walk. Escalators in ski boots! There is obviously a line for those fast-track pre-paid Jungfraujochers, but so far plenty space and no hold ups whatsoever. Great ski holders and comfy seats and in 15minutes, fifteen minutes you’re at Eiger Gletcher! Astonishing.

The Bottom:

The top:  

The Club Room.

Current guidelines (11/12/2020) mean we can have a private gathering in our private room. It is cleaned and wiped between each evening. We can only have 10 folk in at a time though. So when it gets busier we will manage some sort of rota if required. There’s a poster at the front door with all the deets. our 1st night was lovely if rather quiet, just 7 glasses to wash twice. But lovely all the same. Looking forward to more seeing folks again on Monday. The spacious room is lovely and the coat hooks a delight.

The arrival: – YouTube


The glasses from our opening evening.


It is awesome. SO much fun. Such a privilege to be here in Wengen enjoying it. Here’s some final pictures and video’s to ignore or enjoy.


Behind those huts – YouTube