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Early snow drops, Storm? 1000’s hoping for snow, 100’s not here!

Storms here there and everywhere!

Post storm snowdrops have been spotted poking their heads out. It has got pretty busy here and yet despite what you will have read, there is sufficient snow covered space for us all. Not enough obviously. There is some coming soon in the next storm; how much of course is up to Fate!

I know there are some holiday makers devastated by the storms. I know the snow drops won’t cheer everyone up. However here in Wengen they are rather pretty; I can’t help hoping they get covered by storm snow again soon though.

We’ve been having fun here, which is good.

A wee dusting (not a storm) last week made for a fun day off-piste on Friday. There was a clear theme: Go to the meadows and follow the hollow! With that in mind, despite the distinctly sharky conditions many smiles were smiled.

The Friday group with me finished fairly exhausted at about 14:30 for a lunch in Wengernalp. We’d found many meadows. Marguerite had another group, it included Carol on her last day. Glad you got home despite the storm Carol! Enjoy the spring.

A wee race was held on the Thursday, Andrew (not me) won; i’m sure he would have retained his title. Sadly for him his victory last year was in a race which jumps around the calendar. This year it was just a practice week.

We had drinks out in the Wengener Hof on Tuesday. Brilliant Bloody Mary Enzo! Ski Club of Great Britain rep Mark, chatted to the room (for a little too long I was told, sorry!) He’d planned a quiz night for Wednesday. The quiz night was held in our own club room; brilliant! With some exceedingly cunning questions. The English Church Team were victorious. Well done guys.

It’s half-term here

Even though some people did not make it, it is very busy. Even I’m helping a bit with ski school; coggins and eagles are full. I’m hopeful for a good turn out for the Polytechnic and Gillian Davies cups being raced for on Thursday. Obviously results will come after the event. It has been glorious here today (again); clouding over as I’m writing this (14:00 Monday 17/02/2020), hoping for snow!

Speaking of Sharky

Here’s a link to the second round of the Freeride World Tour 2020 in Kicking Horse BC


The Men skiers start about 2:06, it is all great though. Some say Crazy!

Don’t forget the kids

As well as a cruise around the meadows some excellent skiing was had with families. Including mine. Wednesday afternoons Alfie and Lachlan love to ski together on this week were were joined by Simon and Jake, obviously all appropriate parental supervision was present. But what a blast. Some more hollow following. 180 practice, flat 360’s, schussing; what a ball. We hopped and popped all over the place. Poor Lachlan fell off the bumps T-Bar once and took a bit of sorting out. Who would’ve thought he hadn’t skied down a T-Bar drag line yet! Still hasn’t. Very sensibly walked down the side. Hero’s to the rescue included Alfie and Andrew and Simon. Thank you everyone. Not a run was missed.

Of course the best jump turned out to be in on Wengiboden back down in the village! So a whizz down the Haneggschuss over the Silberhorn Jump past the Austrian hole, through the final S and over the Zeil schuss. Up Innerwengen. Shall we do the Slalom run quickly? of course! Then back to the village for a final jump or two. Fabulous.

Here’s a wee video of the schuss:


And of course some photos: Some from Friday and some from Wednesday.