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Videos, 1, 2, 3 more? Maybe not but one any way

Videos from this week and pictures.

Ok. So as I said in the title, videos? heres a video:

When was that:

This was on Friday the 18th of December 2020. I was skiing with brand new member Rebecca, who said she had a great time. Which I was pleased about. I left her having a glass of wine at the Wengernalp Jungfrau Hotel in the sun, yes she was smiling.

We had two wonderful ski days in the area, using the new lifts, making videos, taking pictures. It was a fair bit busier on Friday. This was partly due to the ski instructor courses which had been postoned in March being ran. So the was a plethora of bibed skiers hooning it around the mountain!

Still not busy enough for there to be any waiting at the new Grund, V-Bahn Terminal. I was actually quite suprised on Friday. We skied down to Grund via Brandegg and as we arrived I was totally struck by the thought, ‘it doesn’t even matter what the time is’, crazy. When you get there, you get uplift. Now I know it’s not busy at the moment, but still, very cool.

On the Mountain:

Mountain restaurants are an interesting idea at the moment. 50 seats in each, full stop! You’ll be pleased I have no videos of busy restaurants. Busy, but not crowded. They seem to trun over pretty quickly, so the places we’ve wanted to go we’ve got into pretty swiftly. Still it’s odd. Most aren’t accepting reservations either. So you have to arrive and try. That said the space and quietness makes for quick service, so any waiting you have suffered does not continue once seated. The other difference the V-bahn makes is that those lower bars come back into play; it doesn’t matter what time you get to the bottom. So it doesn’t matter if you stop for another coffee. However, assuming the lifts stay open in this canton from Tuesday it will be piste picnincs all the way.

Joining the Club:

If like our new member this week Rebecca, (and Jeremy, Alex and Angelo) you want to join the club (or re-join, or join as an adult as you’ve always been a family member); then here is the link:

Membership – Downhill Only Ski Club

What else?

There is a decent early season base. It is a little hard / icy in places but most of the mountain is pleasant well groomed grippy snow. The off-piste is tracked, but in the shaded slopes NE to NW the snow is still soft and pleasant to ski. The heat of the week has put a little crust on the southerly and lower slopes. Only a little crust, attack it with a enough speed and crumbles to a fine a mist, ;)

Ski School is open, Bob and Coggin’s is available next week and the week after (obviously cantonal decisions depending).

We’re able to have a private gathering in our club room (distancing, cleaning and mask rules apply) for 10 people at time. So expect to join in two sittings, 5 till 5:55 and 6 till 6:55. Check in, register for anything relevant and sit and havea quiet chat. It has all been really quite civilised; again no videos of quiet civilised chats either. In fact one of the excellent things about our club is that with our shared love of Wengen and Skiing we can often have conversations where we have wildly difffernt opinions, desires and aims. Yet we stay friends, continue to chat and even look forward to seeing each other again. Wonderful.

And finally:

And so to finish a combination of videos in one wee film:

There is currently nothing stopping you coming to Wengen. No quarantine for Brits and no further rules for journeys of less than 90 days as long as you hold a British passport that is less than ten years old and has more than 3 months post your date of departure; here’s a link to useful info on the swiss side:

Quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland (outlook.com)

Don’t forget things are changing all the time at the moment. Which is of course a little strange, but means I cannot be the bearer of any absolute information. Well apart from pictures of today and tomorrow etc. Sorry.