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A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. What would you call it on the 25th?

Aye, What a special day!

For nowt might make us happy as company and shelter. What then, to ski on a day which is a belter, fresh fallen snow and naebody there, I canae believe it, no time to stare.

What would you call it?

Fresh, magnificently groomed piste. Its grooves were clear to the eye and yet the snow so gentle, firm. It’s grippy but easy to ski. What do you call that? You can call it: ‘Perfect Courdoroy’, ‘Classic Groomer’, ‘Magnificent Piste’. Perhaps if your the piste basher driver, then he would just call it ‘Piste’. Because that is how it should be.

That piste has been covered with a frsh dusting of snow. Maybe 4″ thick. It’s perfectly light. Almost free of noise. ‘Am I floating?’ you wonder. Now, what do you call that?

Piste de resitance. That can’t do as it’s a bit of one hit wonder. So, what did I call it: Heavenly, Awesmoe. I know, it is perfect for the recreational piste skier, yet it is not very good for racing on.

Some Racing.

Kittzbuhl had some great racing. It was amazing. The speed is truly astonishing and the consequences are very real. We wish the fastest and best of recoveries to Urs Kryenbuhl.

That brings us to what? An amazing run from the winner, he was sliding efficiently, maximising carving on the edge, brilliant tucking of the arms in the air! I love supporting the Swiss, especially when they win!

Beat Fuez! Oh Yeah.

Alpine Skiing: ‘Makes it looks so casual!’ – Swizz star Beat Fuez doubles up in Kitzbuhel – Alpine Skiing video – Eurosport

Wengen, the best village in Switzerland.

Obviously I’m biased. However, Ski Set one of the Ski Rental Shops in Wengen have made this annoucement:

The Situation in Wengen: Is Wengen one of the safest villages in Switzerland? Following the cancellation of the 2021 Lauberhornrennen, there came negative press from Wengen – Since the 5th of January Wengen used the Testing faciity created for the Lauberhornrennen. More than 2000 tests to residents and visitors, with only 7 positive tests (less than 1%) – even more, in the past 9 days – 0 Postive Tests.

Here’s there website, if you are one of the lucky ones who might make it here: Ski Hire Wengen Switzerland – SKISET

Don’t forget if you get here this year on any other: Ski Leading – Downhill Only Ski Club