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Great days, great company, great things!

A Great 95th Anniversary, that was last year.

This year there is of course near to nobody here. Well, we have our own great bell ringer, a great story teller and many great village neighbours. But, that really only amounts to 10 or 15% of the normal number of members around this week. I miss you all. We’re 96 this year, one whole year closer to the 100th Anniversary. We will do something to celebrate that on Thursday the 6th of February 2025. In the mean time, I am here too and I will keep making you smile with pretty pictures of places you miss and love.

A great day for this year.

Thursday the 4th of February is scheduled to be the McMillan Downhill Event. This is traditionally held on the Tschuggen Piste, Red 21. So, following an email here and a conversation there, we have managed to secure permission to hold our great race. We have restrictions, so there can only be 4 racers. We have requirements, one of them has to be eligible to win the Brian Pette Trophy. It is the inaugeral year for this trophy and that is why I was so keen to make something happen. Hopefully, we will have a wee zoom chat to do prize giving too. If nothing else I will record said chat and put it in the next Blog.

Here is how that great piste looked today:

The clouds were really dramatic today.


That reminds me, we’ve got great new Club Jumpers.

Shop – Downhill Only Ski Club

Great (as in big) drama this week.

Oh how it snowed and snowed. Monday, Tuesday and then Wednesday morning were all that you could dream of. Wednesday afternoon was wild windy and still pretty awesome. Then it snowed and snowed some more and then it rained, and rained. I’m delighted to say our igloo survived. However, the train did not run past Wengen for 2 whole days because of the avalanche risk! Crazy, out here in Staubbachbaenkli on the Thursday the rumble of avalanches was an almost constant background noise.

Here’s the only picture I took:

Great things.

Here is one:

If you ever do go to Scotland, I recommend getting to Skye. If you want to walk up those slabs a guide might well be a good idea too!

And just because, here’s couple of great books to read.

My Sisters favourite book this year was The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen


And I’m currently enjoying


I know, not very Wengen related, but you can’t spend all day reading blogs and watching YouTube videos.

Stay Safe.