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Big Weather, Big Race, Big Prizes and still great skiing in a fully accessible Wengen

Big Weather, Big Race

The big weather was pretty dramatic. The big race (that’s the Lauberhorn Downhill on Saturday 13th January 2018) had major grandstands damaged, tents blown away and advertisers posters flew off. That was on Monday night elsewhere meters of snow fell which blocked people in to and out of other resorts. That same night I went out to the excellent Anonym Bar. On the way I felt like constantly ducking as the wind howled around the village. Once the wind died down Wengen remained fully accessible. Of the course the amazing Lauberhorn Teams had everything back up and running for the training runs on Wednesday. The weather for Saturday is currently expected to be near perfect! Here’s to a fantastic day.

M.r.W.A.M.P A race before Lauberhorn Weekend

This race started 5 years ago now. The idea to give away the DHO Wengen Managers tickets to the Lauberhorn Slalom event as a first prize. The name of the race is an acronym:- Minor Race With A Massive Prize! I liked it and so so far it has stuck. This year in preparation for McMillan Week we tried out having the SOS Maennlichen run the race on the Maennlichen Race area. A brilliant course on an excellent bit of piste.

Some Pictures Below

Mr WAMP 2018 24 Picture

We had racers all keen to win, a key factor in any competition. Two runs, your best time counted. A brilliant effort from all who competed. The best improvement was from Mike, the most consistent racer was Jim. However the fastest racer and the winner was Alexia! Well done a stirling race. She only narrowly beat Pete by 4 hundredths of a second. Sometimes it’s best to wave at your wife after you’ve crossed the finish line!

Skiing In General

Yes it has blown a guggiefoehn at 200kmh. Yes it has rained quite high. Yet this week I’ve skied fresh fallen untracked snow within easy access from the piste in Murren and Maennlichen and Kleinescheidegg areas. Some snow was lighter, some snow was more challenging. It was all fun. When it comes to the piste it has got better and better and has now returned to lovely grippy forgiving skiing. If you are thinking of coming out, then do. Today in Murren (Friday 12/1/18) there was lots of boot deep fresh soft untracked snow. Hopefully see you soon.