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Snow on Snow, a little bleak today: But it’s basically amazing!

Today in the bleak midwinter there is snow on snow. There is also a lot of wind with the snow. It did turn out to be a good day for walking or reading the books. That said it is awesome here, once the wind goes it will be back to heavenly piste.

Snowing in to the New Year

In the week running up to New Year we had the Heinz Cup and a Team Parallel Slalom. The Heinz Cup was once again hotly contested. Mostly by highly competitive family teams. Very appropriate seeing as that is who this annual event is significantly aimed at. There were some valiant efforts from some younger teams and some more experienced ones. Would you know what special DHO route was once on Red Piste number 1? Or perhaps why Snowli has blue legs and yellow arms? Did you even know Snowli is an alien from outer space? Ultimately the challenge this year was drawn by the Myles family and Grimes family. The Hinde family were a close third. Well done to the Myles’s and Grimes’s a worthy draw.

That was Thursday 28th, then on Friday 29th we had the parallel night slalom. An event not held for three winters. Once again we had snow while we raced. Thank you once again to all of those that helped make this event happen. Lucy, Susie, Don, Jane, Hayley and Paul; Thank you all for your generosity. As always we were reminded you have to be in it to win it. As our Club Presidents team made to the semi final without crossing any lines first, but if your opponents miss gates! This is a harsh knock out event. In the final we watched Family Younger triumph.

Younger Parallel Slalom 2017 Winners Picture

Well done everyone, another thoroughly enjoyable DHO evening.

Coming up on Snow and in the Village

Fancy a trip in the snow to a forest hut for Fondue? I am going to try and do one this Friday and hopefully more through the winter. We will have some sort of Club Dinner out soon as well. There will be at least a led trip to one of the Ski Race areas like the BMW on Mannlichen tomorrow. Then next week, Thursday the 11th we will have a timed slalom on the course on the Mannlichen Race Piste, Course Inspection around 0930, race start around 10am. We have a prize for this race: 2 fully catered tickets to the Slalom event on Lauberhorn Race weekend!

I have had a fun week (so far) working with the Wengen Ski School and skiing on my fantastic MACH Skis, next week its back to DHO leading, don’t forget to let me know if you are in town and what sort of skiing you would like to be doing with me or Marguerite.

May the coming year bring you all lots of fun.