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Curry, Powder, Racing and Escorting

I have not actually been for a Curry in the Golden India Wengen yet. However I have so far only heard stirling reports. For those of you who read this blog (A number I hope increases almost weekly?) I’m sorry, this only comes today and it will be fairly short. There should be more again this Thursday.

Curry & Anniversary:

It is likely I am most aware of our new Wengen Curry house because of Mike and Val. So thank you guys. Oh, and congratulations on living, laughing and loving together for 25 years.

Some of the first to have Curry in Wengen Picture
Some of the first to have Curry in Wengen

Mike actually puts something up daily on his blog: http://mikeeasley.co.uk/wordpress/

AICC, Alpbach Austria

Alpbach Austria and their British driven Ski Club (http://www.avsc.org.uk/) where the hosts last week to the  10th AICC (Amatuer Inter-Club Championships). This year I joined the team. We had a lot of fun and I met and ‘networked’ with a number of interesting people. we delighted in Austrian entertainment, magnificent bacon and eggs & amazingly managed race pistes. Believe it or not we managed to race a GS on a piste hard enough for 163 racers at 1000m!

Personally skiing wise it was a little disappointing for me. The GS found my DIN setting of 10 too low. A ski sprung off on gate two and I slide another gate or so. By the time I had retrieved my equipment and added my 10s penalty I was 2 minuted behind the fastest time of the day. Another of my team also pre-released, leaving us dead last by the end of the competition. However, the DHO boys A team were third overall an achievement they were delighted with! For many pictures from the event check here (https://www.flickr.com/photos/152413165@N04/albums/with/72157679035215121). I suppose I am duty bound to let you laugh at me:

AICC Picture

And finally:

Thank you Vivien. A fantastic job has been done to cover the gaps left by an injured John and an travelling and representing Andrew. I hope my son the Mini DHO Leader (2) was at helpful too? We are now looking forward to your annual party. This year we are delighted to be having it on 17th March: I’m sure that day has something else going on?

Some of you will know that last week enjoyed a bluebird morning after a tremendous amount of snow. Sadly I have no pictures to share with you. Perhaps I’ll get some from others? Safe to say many people enjoyed a phenomenal mornings skiing last Wednesday. On that note, some people enjoyed a wee heli trip today; and others are keen to do it later this week. So if you are in town and want to join in with that sort of activity then ping me an email.

Check out this weeks events for more details (if there are any) for Drinks at the Caprice from 6pm on 14/3. Piste picninc from 1230 on 15/3. Ruth Storm sharing stories from her adventures in the Antarctic with an inspirational and leadership twist, 1630, DHO Club room 16/3.