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The Tourist office a Cultural conduit, fresh snow and another great day out!

A race sponsored by the Tourist Office:

The Kurverein Crystal

That was on Thursday. This race headed up by the Tourist Office (Kurverein) since 1966, has always been competed for in pairs.

Hugh And Martin Picture
Hugh And Martin

This pair managed to get 5th place overall. The challenge to ski the course in the same time as your partner. Each team member got two runs. The first run was practice, and you got given both your times after the practice run. Then the competition was based on each team members 2nd run. Second place went to the Family Lunt team with a time difference of 2.95 seconds. The winners, Liz and John, had a difference of 2.59 seconds! We had a lot of fun, despite the fairly bad weather, high winds and low visibility. a huge thank you to Rolf and his team at the Tourist Office for all their support. We were also enjoyed very much the cheese and meat platter that was provided for the award ceremony.

Kurverein Crystal Prize Giving Picture
Liz and John the Winners

Fresh Snow and a Cultural Conduit

On Tuesday we were visited by Diccon Bewes, author of Swiss Watching. We had a full house and we enjoyed learning about the Swiss nation. His humorous but education take was actually practically useful. One thing I learnt was that a Swiss joke is not a contradiction! It is likely he will return again next year to talk about his train journey across Switzerland.

Diccons Full House Picture
Diccons Full House

During a glorious day on Monday Lesley had to stop and take pictures of his ski tracks.

Proud Lesley Picture
Proud Lesley

Then it clouded in and got a quite warm. However this of course did not effect the moods of those on skiing holidays.

A Wee Group Picture
A Wee Group

An Opportunity Picture
An Opportunity

The week finished off with a glorious Friday. Sunshine meant excellent visibility. Many gentle slopes had been recovered in fresh snow again. Our wonderful stand in DHO Ski Escort, lead a group over to First, Grindlewald. (Get well soon John.) Here’s another wee bit of movie fun.

Next week is the Amateur Inter-Club Championships in Alpbach, Austria. I’ll be going over on Wednesday evening to join our DHO Team. Very exciting. If you’re coming our to Wengen next week please let me know.