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The skiing day after the night before! Wall to wall sunshine, 24 hours of rain.

I’ll start at the end. Skiing today. My weight was too far back. I sank. The good news is I got through round one of the Pool race, the sinking happened in round two. (you can now imagine a slightly disappointed but not quite crying emoji!) Others were very successful, congratulations to Hannah for 4th overall and 1st placed woman.

The piste picnic on Wednesday last week was super. The weather remained warm enough, the beer cold and I loved the choice of music. I had chosen all the music. I’m not sure if it was the steady weather or the currency exchange rate that made the picnic so popular! :-)

However, following the success of this occasion we may try and do it again in the next month.

This coming week we have the Presidents Party on Tuesday 21st March. Invited guests and members are welcome, an almost end of the season Apero. A way of saying thank you to some of those in the village who have looked after many of us through out this winter season. Not the end of season party though, still 3 weeks to go and Bob’s Easter Coggins is getting pretty heavily booked.

SC March Hare Poster Mid Picture

Then on Wednesday it is the March Hare Treasure hunt, here’s the low down;

Sponsored by The Downhill Only Club, The Ski Club of Great Britain and Wengen Tourismus

Your challenge is to follow clues around a ski route in the Mannlichen/ Kleine Scheidegg area and locate a buried box. To win you need to deduce the “rough” location of the box by finding certain clues. The winning team will then be decided by a transceiver search against the clock to determine the precise location of the box.

You will be provided with Avalanche Transceivers, a modern Piste map. As well as a historic map showing ski runs used in the 1930’s by the skiing pioneers of the Downhill Only Club.

The historic map has been annotated with a grid, and the locations of modern chairlifts have been added.

You need to be able to identify a place on the historic map. Use of a six figure grid reference, and a transceiver. Locate another buried transceiver.

Here is some advice on how to identify a map location with a grid reference:

Lines are drawn on the map which split the map into squares. The lines going in one direction, for instance across are numbered. The lines going perpendicular to those lines are also numbered. Each square on the map is identified by giving the numbers that link the lines that cross at the bottom left hand corner of the square. The number across comes first, the number going up comes second. To increase accuracy, you can then split each square into ten sections going across and ten sections going up. These sections are numbered 1 to 10 in each direction. So each large square on the map is divided into 100 small squares, each of which has an unique six figure reference.

During the day, you will have an opportunity to practice with the transceivers and avalanche probes.

If you cannot complete the challenge, open the sealed envelope which will give the final clue, but if the envelope is opened, your team will be ineligible for the main prize.

To Finish

There is a chance of a little snow higher up towards the end of the week and perhaps some colder nights. with any luck we will have a little spring snow to ski on before we run out of powered up lift!