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DHO Wengen and a White Christmas

More of us in the DHO Wengen are her in Wengen and its Christmas, it’s a white Christmas. The pistes are glorious, complete and numerous. Black Rock, Oh God!, Under Laeger Chair, Piste. If you can think of it, it is probably piste. Hotel Fields = Piste! Oh OK DHO Gap and Telegraph fields have not been made into piste, but I’m sure you get the point: It’s crackin’ out here.

Last night we had out first ever Gluhwein Festival in Wengen. It was brilliant, cool mugs, tasty contents and lots of fun. I really envied the people arriving last night. We had burning logs, hot drinks and fine company. It felt like Christmas.

Now I’m thinking about how good it is and here my thoughts run to those who have had to change their plans. I’m thinking especially of Brian and John, get well soon boys. The other side of the coin, it is great to have Adrian here.

The Coming Week of this White Christmas

So those of you here what are you going to do after Christmas day? Heinz Cup? The Heinz Cup is family friendly team event. One you can join in with with out changing your ski plan. Actually skiing is essential. If you can pre-register in the Club room on the 27th, however you can send a team member to pick up the list of challenges / questions any time between 0830 and 1000 on Thursday 28th December 2017. Prize giving will be that evening.

Next: A parallel team slalom on Friday evening 29/12 from 1645. Racing will begin before 1800, hopefully by 1730. The more people that register the more fun we will have! We could do with some helpers too. Come into the DHO Club room any time between now and then and either register to race or help.

This winter when in Wengen look out for a high prize raffle, sponsored by ‘stc’. We’re hoping to get a portable timing system out of it.

Lots of love and Christmas wishes to everyone, may your Christmas be better than you hoped and you find more time for smiling than imagined. Have a wail of a time everyone. Hopefully ski with you soon.

Finally, here are some pictures:

1712 To 24122017 39 Picture