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Interesting times, interesting people, interesting weather; it’s all interesting!

Interesting times

The weather has been glorious. Interesting! Since the lifts closed and the trains stopped running past Wengen, the weather has been magnificent. People have been taking interesting routes  up the mountain to descend by snow, foot or wing. They were all many meters apart of course. Hano, even managed a Heli trip on Monday, before he too had to stop working.

I was quite interested in a true Shaun of the dead plan; head to the pub, have a nice cold pint and wait for everything to blow over! As of today not an option, so I would have had to come home anyway.

You’re probably fully up to date with all interesting things; however here is a link to the UK government website:

A season cut short

So sadly on Friday (20/03/2020), Hayley, Lachlan and  I are going to try and get home; some think I should have already gone! Although it seems driving is a good option.

Some favourite pics again

Keep Safe, keep your distance & wash those hands everyone.