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The Railway Cup, Spring Snow, springs 1st freshly fallen snow!

The Railway Cup

Its all ups and downs. The joy of skiing, the distress of poor visibility. The hope of a Railway Cup on the First Skier Cross course, the snow conditions denying us. What is the Railway Cup! This is a fun race put on for the DHO by the Jungfraubahn each year. We’ve both been here for a very long time and share a love of the Railway, of Skiing and of the Mountains. The Railway Cup is also a bit of a treat, 40 places maximum, a fun race and the gift of a lunch.

The Cup has been awarded for many decades, however, a previous version went missing. The current Railway Cup runs from the 1980’s. The cup is awarded for anything from snazzy Christmas Jumpers to a lifetime of effort and giving to the Club, Wengen and Skiing. Occasionally it is awarded to the winner!

Here are the results and some comments from this years event. A GS on the Lauberhorn which included the removal of ski’s at the top of the Russi Sprung, running round a course and accepting a small drink of Appenzell or Orange juice! The piste was covered in a good 15cm of fresh snow. I should have sent the heavier skiers first; but you know how difficult it is to change your mind mid stream! So my poor Mum fell foul of the heavy mounds of snow, full marks for bravery Mum!

The Railway Cup 2020 has been awarded to Heinz Von Allmen for his services to the piste, the DHO, to racing and skiing. Also for his welcoming and friendly attitude, his unending work ethic and of course his kind blue eyes.

Start List Name Railway Cup
Time 09:30 Date 05/03/2020
Event GS+ Hill Lauberhorn
37 Chris Jobe 1.43 Faster than everyone
16 Kate Robinson 1.48 Very Speedy
25 Harry Stephenson 2.02 Pretty fast for a virgin
36 Richard Lawrance 2.13 Faster than Anthony
14 Tessa Lawrance 2.28 Technical Dream
20 Lotty Stephenson 2.3 Pretty Speedy
1 Gill Walker 2.34 Lots of gate issues!
15 Lara Hirst-Malin 2.35 Failry Speedy
29 Jonothan Walker 2.44 Followed the course
39 John Pailthorpe 2.47 Hats are not glasses
33 Anthony Schwarz 2.48 Slower than Richard
19 Liz Moore 2.52 Fell Over!
27 Andrew Robinson 2.54 Overcame the nerves
9 Rachel Eastwood 2.58 Skilled
30 Tim Hetherton 3.11 One ski for all things
17 Nuala Jones 3.18 Not Speedy
13 Debbie Stephenson 3.51 Pocket not rocket
10 Ruth Storm 3.53 Snow Platform Boots
11 Alison King Lewis 4.26 Excellent deportment
7 Margaret Ann Jones 4.51 Slowest
6 Sue Davies DNF Brave
24 Alistair Drew DNS Vision Issues
26 Peter Job DNS Weak Knee Brace
32 John Stephenson DNS Lovely new jacket
28 Malcolm Gloster Judge Watched the gates
34 Jim Donaldson Lost Totally Lost
# Annie Glostor Helped Not my minion

Much fun was had by all:

Thank you Marco and thank you to the Jungfraubahn. We look forward to the 20+ seated gondola being ready on time next December, may the force be with you and Swiss efficiency bring all it’s required.

For more information check this out: https://v-bahn.jungfrau.ch/en/v-bahn/eiger-express

Here’s Heinz, receiving his award:

Heinz Getting His Trophy

A treat to say thank you to such a great person.

After a Sunny January it seems it is time for a snowy March!

Snowy March

Probably not my best picture of a tree, but I think you get my point.

And a wee slide show



This event has been running for over 10 years now. Next year, we the Downhill Only Club will be hosting the event in Wengen. Contact the team captain, details in the link above, if you want more information about taking part or if you’d like to be a sponsor or you’re just interested in general. This coming week it is being hosted by the Ladies Ski Club in Flaine. Good luck team, i hope you enjoy the experience and win some medals.
Next Saturday there is also a local event – the ‘King of the First Hill’, https://www.jungfrau.ch/en-gb/jungfrau-ski-region/grindelwald-first-ski-area/king-of-the-first-hill-2020/
I competed last year, sadly I’m not this year, but registration is still open, so if YOU want to……

From the Railway to the airway!

Some thing I love is off-piste skiing. I dream of ‘freeriding’, I’m waiting for the finals of the Freeride Word Tour 2020 in Verbier, here’s the winning run from yesterdays competition in Austria:


And finally here is our very own Peter: